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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Mendes, Paulo de Medeiros, and Jose N. Mendes and Valeria M. The journal addresses the literatures and cultures of the diverse communities of the Portuguese-speaking world in terms of critical and theoretical approaches. Manuscripts should be in accordance with the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing latest version with parenthetical documentation and a list of works cited.

The author is responsible for the accuracy of all quotations, titles, names, and dates. Font and sizes as close as possible to Tudo sobre classicismo yahoo dating style of the previous issue of PLCS should be used throughout the text.

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All of the information must be in the same language e. Updated guidelines are available at http: The paper used in this book meets their minimum requirement for recycled paper. For all inquiries, please contact: Poemeto e'pico quejezjoam Cabral do Nascimento para narrar a histo'ria tormentosa das carauelas que aportaram a Ilha do senhor Infante na madrugada do se'culo XV aline de almeida moura on Chatarina Edfeldt, Uma histo'ria na Histo'ria: The goal of this issue, therefore, is to con- tribute to this contemporary discussion.

Literary Histones in Portuguese also aims Tudo sobre classicismo yahoo dating engage in dialogue with the series of literary histories published by Harvard University Press since the release of A Neio History of French Literature in Accordingly, Liter- ary Histories in Portuguese intends to problematize both the normative "Tudo sobre classicismo yahoo dating" of literature as well as the act of writing literary history.

In its monographic sec- tion, the contributors have developed an array of new possibilities and focused on relevant case studies concerning this relevant topic.

Therefore, we should start by rendering clear the theoretical framework we are proposing. In particu- lar, the essays in the monographic section are committed to shedding light on a theoretical dimension in order to broaden the usually narrow understanding of the task of writing literary histories.

This principle should allow for an active rereading and thus rewriting of key controversies of cultural history, as they should be associated with conceptual disputes over the defini- tion of literature.

We propose that literature has to be studied from and within an axis of cultural, political, and economic relationships, characterizing a comparative as well as an interdis- ciplinary approach.

Literary history, in fact, should always be of a comparative nature — especially when it deals with only one national literary history. We should emphasize, within that horizon, relationships that are forma- tive of literatures in Portuguese, stressing their relative location in the world of Portuguese language.

Instead of privileging the writing of the national literary history of Portugal, or of Brazil, or of Mozambique, or of Angola, and so forth and so on, we should privilege the study of the interrelations and crossings that constitute the lusophone predicament. Therefore, we should attend closely to the Portuguese presence in Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking African litera- tures; the Brazilian presence in Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking African literatures; the growing and welcome influx of Portuguese-speaking African lit- eratures in Portugal and Brazil.

Last but not least, we cannot forget an increas- ing wealth of literature produced by Portuguese-speaking immigrants, usually in a foreign language, especially English. Finally yet importantly, we should privilege the study of the emergence and consolidation of the literary system in Portuguese, a phenomenon that neces- sarily transcends national borders and engages several languages and "Tudo sobre classicismo yahoo dating" literatures.

Once more, this broadened perspective would allow for a much- needed reconsideration of key moments in the lusophone cultural history. Rather, such an approach should allow, even through contrasting lenses, for the renewed clarification of that specificity.

In the assem- bled essays, the question of national identity emerges repeatedly, and Brazilian Literature is portrayed as the main character. Precisely regarding this dilemma, Helena C. On the one hand, there is the narrative character of every literary his- tory. Indeed, Literary Histories in Portuguese aims to provide a theoretical framework within which the narrative of the historical process of a given literature may be conceived under a new perspective.

As the subject is complex, we must move forward gradually, analyzing previ- ous examples of alternative literary histories. In tune with the criticism raised by Franchetti, such an organization purports to refuse national determination, Tudo sobre classicismo yahoo dating maintaining the geographic space of the nation as a nonassumed axis of the myriad entries that make up the volume.

Hollier defines the problem eloquently: Literature, however, selfless or not, never comes without borders. Not only, as Rousseau said, does language distinguish humans from animals, but also, as he added, languages distinguish nations from one another.

David Perkins didactically summarizes the issue: Therefore, against totality, a frequent discursive effect of normative concep- tions, the postmodern encyclopedia invests in the fragmentary, and incom- pleteness becomes an important value.

The date each poem or work of literature bears is internal to the work itself, the temporal center around which it crystallizes. The patron of this literary history could also be Erich Auerbach, especially in his thoughtful rejection of abstract concepts and theoretical, grandiloquent transhistorical overviews, which subtly he links Tudo sobre classicismo yahoo dating the structure of the legend as opposed to the writing of history.

However, a decisive question remains to be discussed: If we radicalize the principle of contextualization, then how to rely on a concept of literature that paradoxically would remain identical to itself throughout history? In seeking to provide an answer, David Wellbery adopts a dual strategy.

Actually, it is grounded upon a tautological movement that equates geo- graphical boundaries with a given language in order to create a fixed image of national identity, always identical to itself; therefore, it is immune to historical changes, although paradoxically rooted in a particular historical development.

Against this framework, Wellbery proposes an equally threefold and yet Tudo sobre classicismo yahoo dating metrically inverted articulation: Historical time is not a homogeneous medium that the historians can simply presuppose, but is itself in flux.

Literary Cultures of Latin America: A Comparative History, edited by Mario J. Valdes and Kadir Djelal. The concept of literary history is then replaced by that of literary cultures — and, here, plurality is a key concern. Indeed, the creation of potential dialogues among variegated critical tradi- tions may be an alternative to the discipline of literary history.

Recently, Dobrenko and Tihanov have given theo- retical and empirical concreteness to this possibility: Actually, the act of going beyond literary history, in its traditional discursive practice, had already been outlined in another attempt, aimed at writing the Tudo sobre classicismo yahoo dating tory of Spanish literature after the civil war.

The outstanding change stands out: Writing instead of Literature. According to the editors: This concept, omnipresent since its coinage by Roman Jakobson within the context of so-called Russian Formalism, has lost favor from the s onward, and remains valid today only as a synthesis of the sort of theoretical approach that ought to be avoided.

The explanation may seem sophisti- cated, but the underlying reason is more traditional than the most traditional literary history! A New Literary History of America begins early in the sixteenth century; the nineteenth and twentieth centuries dominate the story it tells, and this is the story of a made-up nation that in many ways preceded its society.

Yet every nation is made-up36 it cannot be otherwise, unless we would indulge in an embarrassingly naive understanding of European cultural history as naturally superior just by being European. Indeed, this tautological reasoning belongs to a nineteenth-century mentality.

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Thus, a radically different process takes place in the invention of national feelings of belonging: The third volume, El Brote de los Generos The Emergence of Literary Genresshares this approach and reconstructs the process of differentiation of genres, the result of which is the clarification of what is conceptually meant by and, above all, socially received as literature in a given historical moment.

In the words of Ale- Tudo sobre classicismo yahoo dating Laera: Firstly, it is understood as a process. Finally, this perspective aims to reveal, in the emerging processes it studies, the constant elements, precisely in contrast to the diversity and the variations.

It is our hope that Literary Histories in Portuguese will become a relevant reference in this contempo- rary debate. In the monographic section of this issue, Remo Ceserani, a leading scholar on literary theory, discusses the recent changes in the theoretical and practi- cal approaches to literary history, providing an indispensable overview of the problem.

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Isaac Lourido aims at contributing to the renovation of the discipline of liter- ary history through the development of a historiographical model grounded in systemic theories. Jobst Welge focuses on the paradoxical relationship between particularity and synthesis in the practice of literary history, highlighting the central role of the modern novel for the contemporary epistemological situation faced by the genre Tudo sobre classicismo yahoo dating literary history.

The three subsequent permanent sections provide a wealth of perspectives and topics.

We also would like to thank Jason Warshof for suggestions concerning the style. Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht has deepened the dilemma by questioning not only liter- ary history as a genre but also, and more broadly, the discipline of history: In the closing 10 literary histories in portucuese joao Cezar de Castro Rocha years of the twentieth century, people no longer consider history to be a solid ground for everyday decisions about financial investments or environmental crisis management, about sexual mores or preferences in fashion.

Living at the Edge of Time Cambridge: Harvard University Press, Tudo sobre classicismo yahoo dating, Suhrkamp Verlag,9. Johns Hopkins University Press,ix. History of French Literature Cambridge: Harvard University Press, Harvard Univer- sity Press, Greil Marcus and Werner Sollors, eds. See the Portuguese in the Americas Series, edited by Tagus Press, for a relevant overview of this literature. A Novella and Stories, Do Nacional ao Transnacional Rio de Janeiro: Por uma poetica da emulagao Rio de Janeiro: Beatriz Berrini Sao Paulo: Joao Cezar de Castro Rocha, ed.

Are We Still Talking? Bollati Boringhieri, Johns Hopkins University Press, Harvard University Press,xxii. Its explanations of past happenings are piecemeal, may be inconsistent with each other, and are admitted to be inadequate.

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