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Sweet happy songs


I do just want everybody to get along. I am one of those people who wishes we could hug everything out. The following is a tiny smackeral of songs that I promise will make you smile. You might even feel inspired to launch into your own little happy dance. If you are not smiling by the time you get through the list, you let me know; and I will dispatch some bunnies to your house with a cache of red balloons and little baskets of chocolate buttons.

It is a very time consuming process and the bunnies will only bestow them on the truly deserving. I tried Sweet happy songs include actual videos and live footage. I have many more than Sweet happy songs songs in my collection, and many more than 10 happy ones at that. I just wanted to offer a small sampler; the cream of the crop, if you will. Here are the In no particular order.

Enjoy— and let me know what your Happy Songs are! I think almost every song on this list mentions being in love including Sweet happy songs one. But not every one of them talks about being barefoot, another essential ingredient for happiness that the Beatles did not neglect.

This is one of the Happiest of the Happy Songs. I like to listen to it first thing in the morning. This is a beautifully done version.

I have to admit, though. It makes me really want to see the two of them do a duet. But that might be enough cute to shift the rotation of the earth. No doubt a reflection of my longing for spring. By the way, Matt is a really happy guy. This is her latest radio single. Excellent call, record company. I mean, can you blame me? Listening to CAKE always makes me smile. They have cute lyrics, catchy melodies, and a trumpet player.

I rest my case.

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This song is his first top 40 hit after making music for at least a decade. He has a great attitude and it shows in his writing. He deserves every drop of his success. There you have it. I would have put several of yours, but here are a couple of additional ones:. Oh, I totally agree about Stevie and Keith! Thanks for the additions! Thank you for sharing these songs. I googled songs to make you happy and your list came up. I decided to listen Sweet happy songs the whole list just to see if it helped at all.

Thank you for brightening up my day with this list. This is a wonderful list!! I really like it! The fact that your name is also Beth made me smile! But even I googled for happy songs and stumbled across this blog! They are all a delight! Hope you find some that do.

First I want to say thank you for a little insight into your life and the Sweet happy songs that make you happy. I suffer from depression and I am always on the internet looking for something to make the anxiety and depression; just take a break for a while. I really appreciate the music that you have posted. I really like that they all speak of matters of the heart. Love can be so strong…. The thought of love just like that the thought of winning the lottery can change your state of mind to something more joyful Sweet happy songs lifeful.

I have loads on my iPod that make me happy. One Week — Barenaked Ladies 3. You And Me — Lifehouse 5. Better Together — Jack Johnson 7. Hello, I just wanted to add one song that makes me smile every single time I Sweet happy songs it. I agree with CAKE. Thank you very much for posting them.

I love this song http: My children love it at as well. Hey your writting style so much unique to other and fun loving and feel happy songs provided by you…. "Sweet happy songs" screamed a little when I saw Cake on your list. Overall a nice list. Reblogged this on The Beautiful Mind and commented: Songs that are slow in rythm with lyrics about lost love… that makes someone happy?? Hi, this list is great. Hardly knew any of the songs, but I love that — now I have lots of new songs to listen to: My favourite feel good song and my ringtone is Superheavy — Miracle Worker.

If you like a female voice try the cover by Serena Ryder. From an older person: Are Sweet happy songs kidding me? This is the funniest song ever made!

Great list, thanks for sharing! Now I can go through the rest of the day with a smile on my face. Let me add one song! It may have cheesy lyrics, but the music is really cheerfull!

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting "Sweet happy songs" your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Menu Skip to content Contact Me Interviews. I would have put several of yours, but here are a couple of additional ones: It makes me smile. A little too much wine I think. This has made me smile Like Like.

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What a great list! I had never heard of Ingrid — I was an instant fan! Frank Turner has some great music to make you happy as well. Good list…one of my favorites is called level by Avicii….

No one mentioned Bobby Mcferrin?

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Just wanted to say thanks!. Pharrell Williams — Happy. You made my day so bright, thank you.

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