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Sexual harassment new york knicks latest


My days of chronicling sleazy sports-related trials peaked six years ago, when I won the Pulitzer Prize for my "Idiot's Guide to the Gold Club Trial" column. That one will never be topped. We had a villain named "Ziggy. Best of all, we had Patrick Ewing giving thousands of high school seniors their yearbook quote by saying, "The girls danced, started fondling me, I got aroused, they performed oral sex, I hung around a Sexual harassment new york knicks latest bit and talked to them, then I left.

In JanuaryBrowne Sanders was fired by the Knicks from her position as vice president of marketing. Her attorneys set out to prove MSG, which owns the Knicks, allowed these incidents to happen and keep happening because of a "frat-boy mentality" in its offices as explained in this New York Daily News feature Sunday. Meanwhile, the Knicks claim Browne Sanders was fired for four reasons: Wait, that last part's wrong -- I got my "struggling Knicks employees who can't handle a budget" mixed up.

"Sexual harassment new york knicks latest"

The NBA reacted quickly to...

But the other three parts were true. Anucha Browne Sanders says she was unfairly dismissed after hiring a lawyer to pursue a sexual harassment suit. That's a great question. I'm glad I asked it. For an accuser in a sports-related sexual harassment trial, Browne Sanders has strong credentials: She's a former college basketball star at Northwestern, a married mother of three children and one of the few notable African-American female executives in professional sports.

Even if her allegations were proven to be false, the last thing the Knicks needed was a potentially damaging and embarrassing trial, especially when they could have settled with Browne Sanders for half the money it cost to buy out Rose.

Of course, when James Dolan is involved, all semblance of logic has to be thrown out the window. Other than stubbornly refusing to settle with Browne Sanders, Dolan's biggest mistake was the way he allegedly reacted with the actual firing: Once MSG's VP for human resources, Rusty McCormack, told Dolan over the telephone that Browne Sanders was impeding his investigation, Dolan flipped out during a helicopter trip and terminated her contract almost immediately -- without getting advice from MSG's legal counsel first.

As Jimmy explained Sexual harassment new york knicks latest his video deposition, "All decisions at the Garden, I make on my own," and "I specifically did not consult with counsel. I felt that Sexual harassment new york knicks latest overall health of the Garden was in jeopardy here, and that would overrule any opinion of counsel. Yeah, why would you want to consult with your legal team before firing a high-ranking African-American female executive who's claiming that your high-profile GM sexually harassed her?

What a waste of time! By the way, I'm calling Dolan "Jimmy" for the rest of this column on the off-chance he ends up reading it.

He just seems like the kind of guy who would get upset when someone calls him "Jimmy" instead of "James. James Dolan testified that Anucha Browne Sanders was fired for her actions on the job. That last claim led to the highlight of the testimony -- Browne Sanders' lawyer sarcastically asking Dolan if he believed Thomas had done "quite a good job," followed by Dolan's hesitating for several seconds before finally responding, "Yes.

Watch out, there's some bad language in there. The highlight happened when Isiah denied cursing at Browne Sanders and offered that "a white male calling a black female a bitch is highly offensive," but when asked if he believed it was just as offensive if a black man said the word, he confessed, "not as much.

I don't think it's right for any man to call a woman a 'bitch,'" Sexual harassment new york knicks latest repeated those feelings on the stand by saying, "It's very offensive for any man -- black, white, purple. The rest of Isiah's testimony went smoother -- he denied Browne Sanders' accusations, said "I've never cursed at Anucha; I've cursed around Anucha" and made a big deal about how his mother taught him how to treat women with respect.

Thomas had only one rough moment: During a minute break in the late morning, he nearly spent the Knicks' entire free-agent exemption on a year-old bailiff named Norm. When MSG's defense team argued "Sexual harassment new york knicks latest" just Sexual harassment new york knicks latest to be one of those touchy-feely guys who hugs and kisses everybody, why didn't they show videotape from the NBA Finals when Isiah and Magic kissed each other on the cheek before every game?

Probably because they didn't want to confuse the jury. It was confusing enough in That reminds me, Isiah explained a controversial hug with Browne Sanders like this: Speaking of uncomfortable, were there any disturbing Dolan revelations that came out of this trial? Sanders testified that Dolan was very interested in every aspect of the Knicks City Dancers' performances. Ladies and gentleman, the Jimmy Dolan era! The man doesn't budge for three years while his GM is blowing out the payroll, pulling the trigger on four or five genuinely indefensible trades and antagonizing the entire fan base Browne Sanders testified, "Mr.

Dolan was easily agitated, and we all knew it. If he had a problem with something, he would let you know it, and he would yell. I said I wanted their outfits to be as tight as possible!

In , when Thomas was...

Do those tops look tight to you?!?! She has three things going for her: According to testimony, she had so much trouble keeping a budget, the Knicks were thinking about firing her as early as August '05, when MSG vice-chairman Hank Ratner wanted her gone after she couldn't answer many of Dolan's questions during a financial forecast meeting.

Two especially damaging revelations surfaced during the trial:.

“The normal operations of M.S.G....

According to Mills, Browne Sanders told him "she's lost the confidence of the people she worked with, and she can't do this anymore. A few weeks later, she filed a Sexual harassment new york knicks latest. During Browne Sanders' testimony, when MSG lawyers interrogated her about four years of false income tax returns that she had filed between andBrowne Sanders couldn't decipher Schedule C on those returns.

Are you kidding me? Well, that's what Browne Sanders testified and Isiah vehemently denied. In Isiah's defense, I scream "I don't give a f about these white people! Dismissed her efforts to get more players to show up for corporate events by yelling things at her like, "Bitch, I don't give a f about the sponsors. I don't give a f about ticket sales," and "We're not going to do any more Sexual harassment new york knicks latest these f community events.

I'm here to win f basketball games. Found a scar above her eye appealing because he had one as well, even writing in her diary in"Isiah told me that he was very attracted to me after pointing out a scar above my eye. What high-ranking sports executive would ever keep a diary? When she testified that Mills allegedly warned her to keep quiet, or else Thomas would start rumors Browne Sanders had been having an extramarital affair with another MSG executive.

Browne Sanders said she responded, "Steve, is that a threat? Do I need to find a lawyer? If we're to assume the Knicks would be going to such great lengths to save money, wouldn't they also be planting incriminating evidence at Jerome James' house to get him off their salary cap?

All right, let's get to the good stuff. Did any juicy sexual revelations come out of the trial?

Thomas was embroiled in a...

Well, we've all heard about the watershed Stephon Marbury testimony at this point, but for the kids reading this column 25 years from now, let's rehash the best parts of a multi-layered story that eventually led to the Daily News headline, "MSG Intern Had Backseat Sex With Marbury.

Gonsalves allegedly made a filthy come-on to one female intern that began with "you look good in those pants" and ended with a sentence that kinda Sexual harassment new york knicks latest like something Miggs screamed at Clarice in "Silence of the Lambs.

According to Browne Sanders, the intern was drunk and felt pressure to, um, service Marbury's needs because he was the star of the team. In his testimony, Marbury described as "fidgety" by Newsday never admitted to having sex with the intern, although he did admit to meeting her outside the strip club and said cryptically, "We got together right across the street. Note to the young females reading at home: If you're ever outside of a strip club and the cousin of an NBA player makes you feel like you're in a Jodie Foster movie, then the NBA player offers to show you the backseat of the car It's a good rule of thumb.

She also testified to a "very bizarre" meeting near the end of when Browne Sanders badgered her about the rumored tryst with Marbury, explaining, "I told her what happened because I felt pressured to.

At some point, Decker felt pressured to do something. By the way, my daughter is 16 years away from being eligible to become a Knicks intern. I will now smash a fire log against my head. We learned she had an ongoing fling with Marbury's cousin during the same time frame as the Marbury tryst.

Decker testified that she landed a full-time job Sexual harassment new york knicks latest the Knicks soon after her tryst with Marbury and received another big promotion six weeks before the Browne Sanders trial began. She also testified that Browne Sanders was a brutally demanding boss who made her feel "so inferior and so unimportant.

It's probably in production as Sexual harassment new york knicks latest speak. Marbury testified that he never heard Isiah call Browne Sanders "a black bitch" or a "ho," explaining that's "not his style" that's good to know. But that wasn't the damaging part.

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