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Energy, climate change and the opportunity for liquid biofuels. This paper provides an overview of the proven influence between anthropogenic actions such as those related with energy production and use on the natural environment.

With the adverse perspectives of continued chemical changes occurring worldwide the paper also presents opportunities that can continue to ensure a more sustainable growth in harmony with the environment.

A transition for a Que significa antropica yahoo dating efficient and environmentally correct final use of energy is needed in future in such a way as to diminish the conflicts between development and environment. Different scenarios aiming to provide the ideal routes for development to occur addressing sustainability indicators are studied. Some typical options for a more sustainable future include improved energy efficiency, more renewable energy and advanced energy technologies.

National programs undertaken in Brazil such as those of the ethanol and biodiesel have a proven impact in the search for a sustainable future worldwide and should be further emphasized in future by means of the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.

It is known from chemistry that compounds occur in our natural environment. As a result of combined actions such as inner forces volcanoes, earthquakes and solar energy including water and wind erosion these compounds have been concentrated in geological areas, creating "reserves", such as fossil fuel reserves, for example petroleum, coal, methane hydrate, sand oil and natural gas. In addition, nature has always maintained an equilibrium, although this balance has never actually rigorously existed, between incoming solar energy and the energy used by other forms of existing systems, including life.

However, modern anthropogenic action has been breaking this balance, even assuming that primitive humans were somehow part of the previous almost steady-state type of situation.

Humans slowly started modifying their activities, controlling technologies, breaking the equilibrium and ending up by provoking an intensive use of natural resources and negative effects to the environment.

It can be seen, that Que significa antropica yahoo dating man's actions have resulted in an intensive use of natural reserves fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, native forests, fertile land, fresh water and others leading, chemically, to a series of highly irreversible processes with economic, environmental and thermodynamic significance and even ending up by affecting our quality of life. It would be impossible to speak of energy without taking in consideration that it has a dissolvable association with the environment.

The exploration of natural resources for the production and use of energy originates in significant social, environmental and economic impacts.

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In the case of the exploration of renewable sources of energy hydraulic, biomass, solar and wind and others this occurs due to the extensive areas necessary for large-scale production of energy. Moreover, the improper use of alternative technology, even under normal conditions of operation, can hold considerable risks for human life and the environment. The use of fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy and power in large scale "Que significa antropica yahoo dating" the generation of energy and power in all sectors have also resulted in the emission of billions of tons of carbon to the global environment annually causing serious anomalies in the climate system, land, oceans, sources of water, ecological systems in general, and even in the chemistry of the atmosphere.

Even though, practically all types of energy generation bring unavoidable negative impacts to the environment, energy has become essential in modern society in such a way as to continue providing a means of growth and development and the realization of the continuing higher standards of living and economic well being of the population.

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There needs to be, however, an increased awareness, towards a more effective form of resource exploration, in such a way as to ensure that energy production can be continued in greater harmony with the natural environment. Actions such as the use of primary power plants with minor or no impact for the environment using more renewable 1 sourcesthe technological adequacy of current energy systems, and the development of modern and more efficient technologies can be achieved.

In the current world socioeconomic context of development, the adoption of established energy strategies based in models of sustainable development is essential. It can also be mentioned, that a cultural change in the way in which energy is consumed, looking to provide "Que significa antropica yahoo dating" for basic necessities and a more intelligent, rational and responsible use of energy, would also contribute to this goal.

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