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Response to Discover Interview, Erik Winfree. Erick Winfree, written Piedra pulida yahoo dating Stephen Cass. At the end you will find my commentaries. The humblest amoeba performs feats of molecular manipulation that are the envy of any human engineer. Assembling complex biological structures quickly and with atomic precision, the amoeba is living proof of the power of nanotechnology to transmute inert matter into wondrous forms.

Erik Winfree, a professor of computer science and bioengineering at Caltech, is determined to harness all that evolution-honed machinery. He is seeking ways to exploit the methods of cellular biology to create a new type of molecular-scale engineering. Although still in its early days, this line of research could lead to revolutionary ways of treating illness or creating complicated machines by growing them rather than assembling them from parts.

But Winfree Piedra pulida yahoo dating going beyond biology.

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Winfree spoke to DISCOVER senior editor Stephen Cass about his work, its implications for understanding the origin of life, and where this kind of research could lead in the far future. You work in biomolecular computing. What exactly is that? It is different things to different people. For me, it means understanding that chemical systems can perform information processing and be designed to carry out various tasks.

One way I look at it is by analogy: We can design computers to perform all sorts of information tasks, and they are particularly useful when you can hook up those computers to control electromechanical systems. For instance, you can get inputs from a video camera. You can send outputs to a motor. The goal for Piedra pulida yahoo dating computing is to develop similar controls for chemical and Piedra pulida yahoo dating systems.

How can you program a set of molecules to carry out instructions?

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