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The purpose of this article is to analyze recent transformations in Argentinean migratory policies since the crisis, based on the state's passage of laws.

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The first part provides a brief historical outline approach as the framework and context for interpreting the present Migraciones intercontinentales yahoo dating, their continuities and discontinuities. The article ends with a description of policy progress and setbacks, including the challenges that must be faced.

Analyzing migratory policies in Argentina involves exploring one of the most crucial and hotly debated issues in its history as a nation. Migration is a phenomenon that has left a profound mark on Argentinean society.

Virtually from the outset, the state began to concern itself Migraciones intercontinentales yahoo dating population issues, prioritizing migrations within its strategy. It needed to populate the Migraciones intercontinentales yahoo dating quickly, modernize it and import labor, which was crucial to implementing the dominant project: The purpose of this article 1 is to analyze the recent transformations in Argentinean migratory policy since the crisis, based on the state's passage of laws.

Since a long-term perspective was used for this research, the article begins with a brief overview: And it was from that date onwards, when a point of inflection occurred, that different political experiences emerged and a new migratory law was sanctioned, constituting a record degree of progress in the issue. The first two periods are dealt with as a framework and context in which the current processes, their continuities and discontinuities, are interpreted.

The theme of this study is based on the ideas put forward by Sassen We Migraciones intercontinentales yahoo dating therefore interested in exploring the tensions, ambiguities, and contradictions emerging between the control the state has exerted over those entering its territory and the constraints on their practices.

Regarding the state's autonomy and sovereignty, we ask: We are therefore concerned with finding out the extent to which the transformation of Argentinean migratory policy has been influenced by the international sphere. In order to answer these questions, it is useful to observe the evolution of Argentinean demography, which has shown historic trends: At the same time, since the s, there has been an increase in the emigration of the youth population.

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Although this overview contains sharp differences by region and social class, it gives us an idea of the importance migrations have had Migraciones intercontinentales yahoo dating continue to have in Argentina. According to census data, the foreign population has continuously decreased in every census sinceuntil it reached 4.

This is a result of the interruption of the European flow-despite the slight upturn observed in the post-war period, its ageing and death. Thus, init accounted for 60 percent of the total foreign population. For some time now, I have been interested in exploring the political-social and ideological aspects of population phenomena and over the years, I have been able to appreciate the fertility of this field of study.

However, working on texts, including legal ones, does not constitute an obvious or innocent practice. Discourse analysis experiences great difficulty in mastering its subject, since a discourse is not an obvious reality but rather the result of a construction Mengueneau, Language and Migraciones intercontinentales yahoo dating use are neither neutral nor transparent nor indifferent to the place in which they are performed. Political texts, within which norms are contained, not only help construct social reality but also "provide social actors with interpretative models for understanding this social reality, examining the possibility of modifying it and therefore, guiding their own actions" Vasilachis, Policies are intimately related to law, since they are partly crystallized through the legal system.

Critical theory refers to the dual aspect of law, as a specific social practice and as a discourse of power. Since Marxism, law "Migraciones intercontinentales yahoo dating" been understood as an instrument of domination Poulantzas, As part of law, legislation constitutes a suitable object of study for understanding social relations and the changes produced in society.

The study of legal guidelines therefore serves as an appropriate means of answering certain questions: What is social conflict? Who strives to resolve it?

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How do they manage to do so? Sassen holds that although construction of an international world order entails the denationalization of national policies, the international migratory process proves to be a conflictive area in which states renationalize their policies, hanging on to their right to control borders.

There is a tension in the state between its authority to control foreigners' entry into the country and its obligation to protect those in its territory.

Like the latter, the former fail to escape the complexity of the issues, not only because of the many different factors that intervene in the shaping of the migratory phenomenon social, geopolitical, work, cultural, economic, religious, ethical, racial, ecological, political, psychological, and legal but also because of the various public organizations that tend to become involved in these policies, as well as the interests of ethnic, business, and media groups at stake.

And while some adopt a skeptical position regarding states' Migraciones intercontinentales yahoo dating to control migration Hollified,others suggest that their policies have been largely successful Brochmann, and Hammar, ; Strikwerda, Policies and Strategies Prior to the Crisis.

This defined what an immigrant was for the first time, specifying the rights and obligations involved in this status. At the normative level, two images of foreigners coexisted during this period: The Law of Foreigners' Residence HCNA, may be regarded as the first regulation to legitimize discretional action Migraciones intercontinentales yahoo dating the authorities.

In relation to its control function, since the flow was largely transoceanic, the port of Buenos Aires became the only point in which the state could easily intervene.

The state formulated its policy through the Ministry of the Interior and subsequently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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