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Validation of the "early detection Primary Care Checklist" in an Italian community help-seeking sample: The "checklist per la Valutazione dell 'Esordio Psicotico". The CVEP is the Italian adaptation of the "early detection Primary Care Checklist," a item tool specifically designed to assist primary care practitioners in identifying young people in the early stages of psychosis.

The checklist was completed by the referring practitioners of young people referred to the "Reggio Emilia At Risk Mental States" Project, an early detection infrastructure developed under the aegis of the Regional Project on Early Detection of Psychosis in the Reggio Emilia Department of Mental Health.

In comparison to other, much longer, screening tools, the CVEP performed well to identify young people in the early stages of psychosis. Therefore, the CVEP is well suited to optimize appropriate referrals to specialist services, building on the skills and knowledge already available in primary care settings. The power of virtual integration: Interview by Joan Magretta. Michael Dell started his computer company in with a simple business insight. He could bypass the dealer channel through which personal computers were then being sold and sell directly to customers, building products to order.

Dell 's direct model eliminated the dealer's markup and the risks Libros de mineralogia yahoo dating with carrying large inventories of finished goods. In this interview, Michael Dell provides a detailed Libros de mineralogia yahoo dating of how his company is pushing that business model one step further, toward what he calls virtual integration.

Dell is using technology and information to blur the traditional boundaries in the value chain between suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. The individual pieces of Dell 's strategy--customer focus, supplier partnerships, mass customization, just-in-time manufacturing--may be all be familiar.

But Michael Dell 's business insight into how to combine them is highly innovative. Direct relationships with customers create valuable information, which in turn allows the company to coordinate its entire value chain back through manufacturing to product design. Dell describes how his company has come to achieve this tight coordination without the "drag effect" of ownership. Dell reaps the advantages of being vertically integrated without incurring the costs, all the while achieving the focus, agility, and speed of a virtual organization.

As envisioned by Michael Dellvirtual integration may well become a new organizational model for the information age. Streaking into Middle School Science: The Dell Streak Pilot Project. A case study is conducted implementing the Dell Streak seven-inch android device into eighth grade science classes of one teacher in a rural middle school in the Piedmont region of North Carolina.

The purpose of the study is to determine if the use of "Libros de mineralogia yahoo dating" Dell Streaks would increase student Libros de mineralogia yahoo dating on standardized subject testing, if the…. Federal Register, Suggests using the ancient Commedia dell ' Arte technique of establishing characters and a plot and then allowing the actors to create their own play.

Indicates that this improves student performances even in more traditional plays. An Introduction to "Commedia dell ' Arte. Discusses the use of "Commedia," a way of performing inspired by the historical "Commedia dell ' Arte.

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Presents a series of exercises designed to introduce the student to Commedia…. This return-on-investment ROI evaluation study determined the business impact of the sales negotiation training course to Dell Computer Corporation.

A five-step ROI measurement process was used: The corporate sales information database was used to compare pre- and post-training metrics for both training…. Cahnmann-Taylor remembers her first encounter with Dell Hymes at an open mic event at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. She puzzles his complex stance on the role ethnographic poems might play in one's ethnographic project.

In Dell Hymes's honor, she shares a poetic rendering of a speech event from her bilingual….

This paper carefully examines the literary elements Scott O' Dell uses in his children's novel "The Captive," that so successfully engage even a reluctant reader. The paper explores the writer's style and subtle use of detail and foreshadowing. Quoting specific examples, the paper points out O' Dell 's imaginative syntax and his ability to….

Enabling Customization through Web Development: Throughout the last decade, companies have increased their investment in electronic commerce EC by developing and implementing Web-based applications on the Internet. This paper describes a class project to develop a customized computer website which is similar to Dell Computer Corporation's Dell website. The objective of this project is to….

Streaking into middle school science: The Dell Streak pilot project. The purpose of the study is to determine if the use of the Dell Streaks would increase student achievement on standardized subject testing, if the Streak could be used as an effective instructional tool, and if it could be considered an effective instructional resource for reviewing and preparing for the science assessments. A mixed method research design was used for the study to analyze both quantitative and qualitative results to determine if Libros de mineralogia yahoo dating Dell Streaks' utilization could achieve the following: A Post Hoc analysis was conducted to identify where the difference occurred.

Finally a T-test determined was there was no statistically significance difference between the mean End-of-Grade tests and Libros de mineralogia yahoo dating quarterly benchmark scores of the control and the experimental groups. Qualitative research methods were used to gather results to determine if the Streaks were an effective instructional tool.

Classroom observations identified that the teacher's teaching styles and new instructional strategies were implemented throughout the pilot project. Students had an opportunity to complete a questionnaire three times during the pilot project.

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Results revealed what the students liked about using the devices and the challenges they were facing. The teacher completed a reflective questionnaire throughout the pilot project and offered valuable reflections about the use of the devices in an educational setting. The reflection data supporting the case study was drawn. Fermilab Heroes of the LHC: The experiments based at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland are undergoing a constant series of upgrades.

Scott O' Dell 's "Island of the Blue Dolphins" tells the archetypal story of the young, virgin, orphan girl who is vulnerable to either debauchery or rescue. That such a girl must succumb to either one or the other is a necessary element of the archetype. In O' Dell 's work--one intended, after all, for children--the heroine is rescued by a….

The Department has determined An Unintentional System of Gaps: Contends that O' Dell has sketched Karana as a stereotype and that readers complete her characterization, filling out the skeleton by perpetuating the stereotypes.

Libros de mineralogia yahoo dating out this trading of stereotype for true character development in…. His Scholarship and Legacy in Anthropology and Education.

Dell Hathaway Hymes, linguistic anthropologist and educational visionary extraordinaire, passed away in Novemberleaving behind a voluminous scholarship Libros de mineralogia yahoo dating inspirational legacy in the study of language and inequality, ethnography, sociolinguistics, Native American ethnopoetics, and education. This essay provides a brief account of Hymes's….

Reflects upon the role of Dell C. Describes his early years in Wisconsin, military duties and student life at George Peabody, his contributions to teacher education, and his contributions to ACEI and other professional….

Update from an Underdeveloped Country.

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