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Hispanic marines

In FY , nearly 15...

However, Latinos have been underrepresented in the all-volunteer armed forces, especially among officers. This is beginning to change, as increasing numbers of Hispanics enter the military. Moreover, despite the traditionally masculine culture of the military and of Hispanics, the Hispanic share of military women has been increasing "Hispanic marines" than the Hispanic share of military men.

The past 20 years have witnessed dramatic increases in the percentage of Latinos of both sexes among active duty enlisted personnel see Figure 1. Figure 1 Hispanics in the U.

Civilian Labor Force and Military Services, to Percent of men and women ages The increase in Latinos in the military has not quite kept pace with Hispanic marines rise among Hispanic marines in the civilian labor force.

Throughout our history Hispanic Americans...

Latinos made up 16 percent of the civilian labor force inbut less than 10 percent of enlisted personnel Hispanic marines 13 percent in September Until recently, enlistment required a high school degree. Also, until recently, immigrants had to be citizens or legal permanent residents to enlist.

Under these qualifications, Latinos actually have been overrepresented among enlisted personnel. In FYLatinos made up 8. In FYnearly 15 percent of U. Marine Corps enlisted personnel were Hispanic, compared with 6 percent of Air Force enlisted personnel.

Latino representation in the Navy has been rising. By Septemberthey constituted 14 percent "Hispanic marines" Navy enlisted personnel, about the same as in the Marine Corps that year see Figure 2. Military, to These figures were for the fiscal years Oct. No estimates were available for Latino men used to constitute a larger percentage of enlisted men Hispanic marines Latinas did of enlisted women.

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