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Application of the can technique and radon gas analyzer for radon exhalation measurements. A passive 'can technique' and an active radon gas analyzer with an emanation container were applied for radon exhalation rate measurements from different construction materials, viz. The marble and ceramic tiles did not show detectable radon exhalation using the active radon gas analyzer system. However the granite tiles showed relatively high radon exhalations, indicating a relatively high uranium content.

A comparison of the radon exhalation rates measured by the two techniques showed a linear correlation coefficient of 0. The radon exhalation rates from the granites varied from 0.

The geometric mean and the geometric standard deviation of the frequency distribution were found to be 0. The track density found on the nuclear track detectors in the can technique exposed to the granites, having high exhalation rates, varied linearly with exposure time with a linear correlation coefficient of 0. This experimental finding agrees with the theoretical prediction. The can technique showed sensitivity to low radon exhalation rates from ceramic, marble and some granite over a period of 2 months, which were not detectable by the active radon gas analyzer system.

Development of a radiochemical method for analyzing radon gas in uranium mine atmospheres: A simplified radiochemical method Factores de conversion quimica yahoo dating been developed for quantitatively analyzing radon gas in underground uranium mines.

In this method, a measured volume of air is drawn by a pump through a drying tube and a cartridge containing dioxygenyl hexafluoroantimonate reagent. Radon is captured as a nonvolatile product. After radioactive equilibrium has been established between radon and its short-lived daughters approximately 4 hoursthe gamma-emission of the cartridge is measured with a scintillation counter.

The amount of radon is then calculated from the gamma-emission rate. The effect of cartridge geometry, reagent load, and air flow rate upon collection efficiency and counting efficiency is reported. Dry radon gas generator. A radon gas standard with a source strength of pCi capable of delivering pCi of radon gas successively to a large number of cells has been developed. The absolute source strength has been calibrated against two radium solution standards and is accurate to 4 percent.

A large number of cells approxiiately 50 may be calibrated conveniently on a daily basis with appropriate corrections for sequential changes in the amount of gas delivered, and a correction for the growth of radon in the standard on successive days.

Daily calibration of ten cells or less does not require these corrections. The standard is suitable for field use and the source emanation rate is stable over extreme temperatue Factores de conversion quimica yahoo dating pressure ranges and over six months. Radon in soil gas. This paper presents the results of a technology review conducted to identify and organize the range of options for measuring radon in soil gas as a means to evaluate radon exposure potential in buildings.

The main focus of the review includes identifying the following: Measurement of objectives - the specific parameter s that each technology is designed to measure e. Basic technologies and field data were examined from a generic perspective e. This patent describes a radon gas detector. The air movement means for moving ambient air Factores de conversion quimica yahoo dating the environment connecting chamber; electronic means for detecting radiation within the air which is passing through the environment connecting chamber.

The electronic means also including radiation counting means. The electronic means producing an output based on the type and quantity of radiation in the environment connecting chamber; and display electronics for receiving the output and displaying accordingly a display representative of the amount and type of radiation located within the environment connecting chamber and hence within the ambient air.

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