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Failure to follow these steps could result in a delay in the credit process.

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For Returns Please contact: Mitch Carey Manager of Operations Mitch. That fee will be subtracted from the total amount to be credited. See below for Damaged, Discrepancies or Warranty Returns. Customer is still responsible for payment of the invoice involved.

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Those items must be returned Collect. This warranty is null and void by improper installation or usage. Products will not be covered by warranty if equipment failure is due to improper operation and or installation. If Product is returned for Warranty Replacement customer will not receive Replacement until Flomore inspection personnel has approved the Replacement.

Once item has been inspected and found defective, freight costs will be credited to customers account.

Order Policy Flomore will not process any customer orders amounting to a total less than This total is after all customer discounts are applied and does not include freight. Pre-Paid Freight Policy Customer Orders qualify for pre-paid freight if and only if, an order is placed for 25 or more pumps or an order of swing or ball check valves amounts to lbs or more. Any customer qualifying for pre-paid freight will be shipped by the freight company of our choosing and will only be shipped to the lower 48 states.

Price Disclaimer Flomore reserves the right to raise or lower prices at any time as needed without Como lavarse las manos correctamente yahoo dating. We will honor any written quotes for ninety 90 days.

To all our valued customers: You, our Customers are welcome at our facilities any time you find yourself in the Oklahoma City Area. The Series injectors are designed to utilize the motion of the walking beam of a pumping unit and inject small amounts of chemicals per day less than a pint to a few quarts with injection pressures up to lbs. This injector may be double headed with different size plungers.

T design for the Series is probably the oldest The p pneumatically air or gas driven injector. It can be doub headed with different or same size plungers in order ble t handle different chemicals at different rates and presto s sures. Our Series is an electric driven injector that can utilize any of the four plunger sizes or three gear ratios with a single head or up to eight heads for a combination of pressure and volume requirements.

Availiable in corrosion resistant trim. These electric driven injectors can handle pressures up to lbs.

Plunger material is with Armaloy surface or ceramic coated. The Series model is one Como lavarse las manos correctamente yahoo dating two diaphragm, gas driven injectors we offer.

This injector is typically used to inject methanol in larger quantities and higher pressures up to 20,psi at the christmas tree and at lower pressures in gas processing and pipeline applications. Also used to deliver corrosion inhibitor where needed. T Series injector is our other diaphragm, gas The dr driven, plunger pump. It is designed to handle less volum and lower pressures up to 6, lbs. This injector ume h the least amount of moving parts of any other comhas p parable pump. The Series pump consists of a series of basic pump options all developed from a modular power unit.

All units are pneumatically driven, positive displacement, single or double acting, reciprocation pumps. The Flomore series chemical injection Th pumps pu are electric driven, positive displacement m pumps utilizing C-faced motors and common c gear reducers. The gear reducers are a available in 30 and 60 strokes per minute confi ccon gurations. The Series can fill many aapp application requirements of different flow and pressures.

The Solar Pump Series is available in "Como lavarse las manos correctamente yahoo dating" or double head for injecting higher volumes or two chemicals at separate injection rates. It offers an assortment of plunger sizes, and when combined with Smart Stroke pump controller, it will allow you to precisely control your injection rates.

The Series combines innovative pump design with the power of solar energy to produce an environmentally friendly, maintenance free pumping solution made to last. All metal parts are or stainless steel. They are manufactured from highly chemical and corrosion resistant borosilicate glass, noted for its clarity and mechanical Como lavarse las manos correctamente yahoo dating properties. The stainless steel atomizing nozzle does a great job of putting the methanol or scale inhibitor into the gas stream as a mist, which is the most effective and least costly method of delivering the product into the flow.

Inline Check Valves are available in brass, or stainless steel, and inconel. Several types of seating material are available including, buna N, Viton, Aflas, Kalrez or metal-to-metal. Pressuress up to 15, psi. Multiple sizes are also available.

Standard clapper material is carbon steel and we also offer stainless steel.

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Pressure range is frompsi WOG. Standard trim is Como lavarse las manos correctamente yahoo dating steel ball, buna N seal with stainlesss support member. Buna-N seals are standard degrees F. Max Optional Viton seals available degrees F Max. Kilgore Sales Office P. Patterson Equipment Sales, Inc.

A Covington, WA sirmaresh yahoo. Stan Garrison Chris Iverson P. Box Ave. Installation and Operating Instructions 1. Install Item 5 priming valve included with pump, but shipped loose in carton on the pump head.

Connect the suction line to the pump head. If a reservoir is furnished with the pump, the suction line is already connected.

Fill the reservoir and completely open the tank gauge valve. This valve should be "Como lavarse las manos correctamente yahoo dating" as close to the point of injection as possible.

The arrow on the check valve indicates the flow. Connect the lever arm to the power source as follows: Attach an A Flomore beam clamp included to the power source, such as a walking beam.

Insert rod or pipe in the beam clamp and the Item 12 connecting knuckle on the lever arm, tighten set screws to secure position of rod or pipe. Fill the Item 10 box assembly with enough SAE oil to cover the bearing.

If low ambient temperatures are encountered a lighter oil such as SAE should be used. Check oil level at regular intervals. Adjust for desired volume by considering each of the following: Number of strokes of lever arm. The fastest recommended operating speed is 50 strokes per minute. Refer to the volume chart Page 7 to obtain desired setting of ratchet teeth engagement and stroke length at strokes per minute used. Number of ratchet teeth engaged per stroke is dependent upon the travel of the B lever arm.

When the lever arm cannot travel below the level of the bottom of the base, the maximum teeth engagement will be Adjustment of stroke length to short, medium, or long is easily accomplished by positioning of the A cotter pin in the end of the plunger.

A quick calculation of 6A, 6B, and 6C and using the performance data chart Page 7 can predetermine the injection rate before the pump is placed in operation. If more volume is required, the pump head assembly can be changed or converted to a larger pump size. Or, an additional head can be installed on the opposite side of the B box by removing the A guide plug assembly. The A guide sleeve should also be removed and this can be accomplished with a vise to hold the crosshead and vise grips to turn and pull the guide sleeve.

Start pumping unit and prime pump head by opening the priming valve. After the pump discharges clear fluid without bubbles, close the priming valve for normal operation. At this point, make a visual check of the plunger drip, and using the gland wrench that is included in the package, slowly tighten the gland to prevent excess drippage and waste of chemicals. Do not overtighten plunger packing. Keep the gland wrench handy for future packing adjustment.

It may be necessary to readjust the packing the next day. A slight leak during the break-in is beneficial.

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If low volumes are being pumped, the pump head, the fluid discharge Como lavarse las manos correctamente yahoo dating and all other fittings up to the line check should be thoroughly purged of all air bubbles. Check pump action by opening the priming valve. For double headed units, increase maximum volume by two. For volumes with additional ratchet teeth engaged, multiply these values by the number of teeth engaged.

Twenty teeth maximum pickup. Minimum values are theoretical only. B lever can then be removed from the B drive shaft assembly. Upon re-assembly, be sure the bolt fits into the slot in the end of the drive shaft assembly. To Remove A Crosshead, Page 4 It is not necessary to remove the pump head from a single-headed unit in order to remove the crosshead if the following steps are taken.

Hand operate Como lavarse las manos correctamente yahoo dating lever until plunger is at its full discharge position. Main · Videos; Spasitelen otrqd online dating como lavarse las manos correctamente yahoo dating como lavarse las manos correctamente yahoo dating.

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