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Sicilian sicilianu ; Italian: It is also spoken in southern and central Calabria where it is called Southern Calabroin the southern parts of Apuliathe Salento where it is known as Salentinoand Campaniaon the Italian peninsula, where it is called Cilentano Gordon, Ethnologue see below for more detail describes Sicilian as being "distinct enough from Standard Italian to be considered a separate language" Gordon.

Some assert that Sicilian represents the oldest Romance language derived from Vulgar Latin Privitera,but this is not a widely held view amongst linguists, and is sometimes strongly criticizedp.

Sicilian is currently spoken by the majority of the inhabitants of Sicily and Chi sono i sumeri yahoo dating emigrant populations around the world. In the past two or three decades, large numbers of Sicilians were also attracted to the industrial zones of northern Italy and indeed the rest of the European Unionespecially Germany. It is not used as an official language anywhere, even within Sicily.

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