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From tohe was the President of Colombia. He was the sole recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. An economist by profession and Biografia belisario betancur yahoo dating journalist by trade, Santos is a member of the wealthy and influential Santos family, who from to were the majority shareholders of the newspaper El Tiempo until its sale to Planeta DeAgostini in He was a cadet at the Navy Academy in Cartagena. Shortly after graduating from the University of Kansashe joined the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia as an economic advisor and delegate to the International Coffee Organization in London, where he also attended the London School of Economics.

Inhe was appointed deputy director of El Tiempo newspaper, becoming its director two years later. Santos was a Fulbright visiting fellow at Fletcher at Tufts University in Santos worked in expanding international trade with Colombia, and worked in creating various agencies for this purpose including: ProexportBancoldex and Fiducoldex.

Inhe co-founded and led the Social Party of National Biografia belisario betancur yahoo dating Party of the Ua liberal-conservative party coalition that backed the policies of President Uribe, successfully supporting his attempt to seek a Constitutional reform to be able to run for a second term. Inafter Uribe's re-election, when the Party of the U won a majority of seats in the two chambers of CongressSantos was appointed as Minister of National Defenceand continued defending the security policies of President Uribe, taking a strong and forceful stance against FARC and the other guerrilla groups operating in Colombia.

Santos also created the Good Government Foundation. On October 7,Santos was announced as recipient of the Nobel Peace Prizefor his efforts negotiating a peace treaty with the FARC-guerilla in the country, despite the unsuccessful referendum held over the deal, a "no" campaign led by Uribe's party Democratic Center.

A member of Delta Upsilon fraternity, [17] he graduated in with a Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration. During this time he also attended the London School of Economicsgraduating with a Master of Science in Economic Development in In Juan Manuel Santos founded the Good Government Foundation, whose stated objective is helping and improving the governability and efficiency of the Colombian Government.

In the 'false positives' scandal was uncovered, referring to revelations concerning extrajudicial executions carried out by members of the military in order to artificially increase the number of guerrillas killed by the Army and claim rewards from the government.

There are different estimates for the number of civilians who may have been killed in this manner. As of Mayprosecutors were investigating more than cases involving over 1, victims and 1, members of the Colombian security forces.

He was named Mayor of...

Families of the victims and non-governmental organisations have held the Uribe administration and Biografia belisario betancur yahoo dating, as Defence Minister, responsible for the extrajudicial killings because they consider that the government's reward policies motivated the crimes. In JuneUnited Nations Special Rapporteur Philip Alston declared that extrajudicial executions had been carried out in a "more or less systematic manner" by numerous Colombian military personnel and found the number of trials for those implicated to be lacking, but stated that he had found no evidence of the executions being an official government policy and acknowledged a decrease in the number of reported cases.

In MarchSantos publicly stated these executions had stopped since October and that this had been confirmed by the CINEP, one of Colombia's foremost human rights defence institutions. Semanaa well-respected weekly magazine, reported that a few days later the CINEP responded Biografia belisario betancur yahoo dating Santos's declarations by issuing a press release which stated that, while the number of reported cases had been significantly reduced after the Defence Ministry's measures were announced, the period between November and December still saw 7 such executions and 2 arbitrary detentions.

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Santos said that his resignation did not necessarily imply tossing his hat into the presidential race and that his participation in the electoral race depended on whether Uribe would pursue a third term, which he was willing to support. His resignation took effect on 23 May When the Constitutional Court ruled out the possibility of Uribe's participation in the upcoming elections, Santos officially launched his campaign for the presidency of the Republic of Biografia belisario betancur yahoo dating. Santos announced on 27 August that the Colombian government had engaged in exploratory talks with FARC in order to seek an end to the conflict.

Former President Uribe has criticised Santos for seeking peace "at any costs" in contrast to his predecessor's rejection of talks.

Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients

In OctoberSantos received the Shalom Prize "for his commitment to seeking peace in his country and worldwide. In SeptemberSantos announced that an agreement had been made completely settling the dispute between the Colombian government and FARC on the basis of a truth and reconciliation -like process, in which a combination of complete admissions of guilt and community service on the part of perpetrators of misdeeds during the years of conflict would serve in place of retributive justice.

Within the last five years the daily cost of the war has escalated to USD9. In MayDonald Trump and Santos held Biografia belisario betancur yahoo dating joint news conference at the White House, where Trump praised Colombia's efforts to end a year civil war that left more thandead as a "great thing to watch. Around that time, it was reported that Trump had an "unusual meeting with former presidents Alvaro Uribe and Andres Pastrana " at his Florida resort Biografia belisario betancur yahoo datinglending weight to suspicion that Santos's political enemies were enlisting Trump's support against the historic peace accord.

In SeptemberSantos defended Colombia's record against U. President Donald Trump 's complaints about what he called unacceptable growth in coca cultivation and production.

One source of contention is the restarting fumigation of agricultural areas with glyphosatesomething Washington has backed and Colombia rejects, due to the powerful herbicide's health effects on civilians and crops. Colombia defended Biografia belisario betancur yahoo dating anti-narcotics efforts after the threat of Donald Trump to decertify the country as a partner in counter-narcotics efforts.

During a Google hangout hosted by the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo on May 20,Santos voiced his support for same-sex marriage.

On 20 NovemberSantos announced his intent to run for re-election in a presidential address, [66] and formalised his intent by filing election papers with the National Civil Registry on 25 November. On 12 March Santos officially launched his re-election campaign for the presidential election under the slogan: On 15 May, Santos obtained Since no one candidate earned the required majority, a run-off election was announced.

In the second round, Santos received the backing and support of his former electoral rival: On 15 June, Santos won This helped Santos, who had been neck and neck with "Biografia belisario betancur yahoo dating" Conservative challenger on polls up to the second election round.

Many among the Left whose fortunes had declined since the start of the FARC insurgency hoped a peaceful negotiation with FARC, which required a Santos victory, would help rehabilitate the left among the Conservative-Liberal dominated political scene in Colombia.

On March 14, Santos acknowledged that his election campaign received illegal payments Biografia belisario betancur yahoo dating Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht. In Novemberan investigation conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism claimed Juan Manuel Santos was in control of two offshore companies in Barbados. Enrique, Luis Fernando, and Felipe.

A new plant species from Northeastern Colombia has been named Espeletia praesidentisin honour of efforts made by President Santos to build peace. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This name uses Spanish naming customs: This article may be unbalanced towards certain viewpoints. Please improve the article by adding information on neglected viewpoints, or discuss the issue on the talk page.

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