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El cacique enriquillo yahoo dating


His long rebellion is the best known for the early Caribbean period and he is considered a hero of indigenous resistance for those in the modern Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Enriquillo was a Taíno cacique...

His father was killed while attending peace talks with the Spanish, along with eighty other regional chieftains under the direction of his aunt Anacaona in Jaragua.

During the talks, Spanish soldiers set the meeting house on fire and proceeded to kill anyone who fled the flames.

Enriquillo was then raised in a monastery in Santo Domingo. Several revolts followed in the first half of the 16th century, the most famous of which happened in Enriquillo started the revolt with a large number of Indians from the mountain range of Bahoruco and the Indians were able to continue the rebellion because of their better knowledge of the region. As the Spaniards were not able to control the rebellion, a treaty was signed granting to the Indian population among others the right of Freedom and of Possession.

It had little consequences however, as by this time the Indian population was rapidly declining due to European diseases. She was raped by a Spaniard named Valenzuela. This, according to some writers, was the tipping point for Enriquillo which led El cacique enriquillo yahoo dating his revolt in the Bahoruco mountains.

Most historians agree see Sued Badillo that Enriquillo was the same person as the cacique Guarocuya which would mean that Enriquillo belonged to the highest house of the Jaragua cacicazgo. Anacaona was married to Caonabo who was the cacique of the neighboring Maguana kingdom.

el cacique enriquillo yahoo dating...

A minority of historians, however, claim that Guarocuya was captured and hanged, while Enriquillo succeeded in his revolt. Most historians believe both rebels were the same person, arguing that the tales of Guarocuya's demise are identical to the more verifiable accounts of the capture and execution of his aunt Anacaona and the stories have been conflated.

His name Enriquillo would come after his baptism El cacique enriquillo yahoo dating a Catholic and his new given name, Enrique, in which the name Enriquillo "little Enrique," referred to his short stature.

The salt water lake Lago Enriquillo in the Dominican province of Baoruco was named after him. Looking out over it is the Trono de Enriquillowhere he is said to have camped during the rebellion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For lake in Dominican Republic, see Lake Enriquillo.

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