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Eur usd graph yahoo dating


Updated 10 Aug This program uses the Yahoo! Finance website to download and sort historical stock prices or dividend data for a user-specified time period. The user can either supply the program with individual ticker symbols or with a text file containing a list of ticker symbols. The program returns a structure array that holds information on the date and either historical price or dividend data.

The user must specify the date range for the desired information, and has the option of specifying a sample Eur usd graph yahoo dating of daily, weekly, or monthly. Refer to the help section in the m-file for data formats and options. I just uploaded a friendly GUI that use this file. Find it with this link: Yahoo did change the Eur usd graph yahoo dating a little bit. Hi everybody, it seems that the function really does not work anymore. I have tried both with Matlab and Matlab Did someone else experiece the same problems?

Hi, it is just me or Yahoo Finance has recently implemented some changes such as the function does not work anymore? I am experience a lot of troubles in downloading stock data at the monthly 'mo' frequency. In particular, I get an empty structure most of the times. I was having troubles when I try to download for some stocks the daily historic data for a long period more than 15 yearsyour function just gave me a shorter period of data.

I solved it just changing the code for some instructions of a previous version of you function. Hi Josiah, thanks for making this wonderful script!

I noticed that all tickers are downloaded in series, and each one will take some minimum time likely some overhead. I wonder if you would consider introducing some parallelism, like using parfor instead of for.

You will have to pre-allocate the struct array and use sliced index. Just made some more updates. Most notably the previous version had Volume and Adjusted Close values swapped. It now also allows for inputting multiple ticker symbols as a single cell array instead of multiple parameters in the function call and expressing the start and end dates as Matlab datenums. Hi Josiah, it works perfectly now!

Thank you so much! Nucera, I just updated the code so that it doesn't use the posixtime function. You should be able to run it now without any issues.

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