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In the following quoteHarry Vassallo seems to be hinting that the new government is illegitimate. He is in a way but not in the way the "Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating" machine will surely spin it:. Expect the denigrators of the AD — especially from the proud PN corner — to pounce on this statement. The sense of bitterness against an electorate that has done its duty overcomes all rational explanations.

Harry is not saying that the government is illegitimate in a legal sense. He knows as much as we all do that our constitutional compensation mechanisms allow for a situation where a party garnering less than half of the national vote can still be allowed to govern with a majority of seats so long as a third party is not elected. Harry is pointing out that the PN can no longer claim to speak for the people and technically, if it had a bit of its christian democrat values left in it, it would tiptoe around its sweeping policy statements in the same manner as though it has a coalition partner in government with a watchful eye.

It does have a watchful eye on it — of the majority of the Maltese who for some reason or another clearly indicated to Gonzi PN that it did not believe it was the best solution for government. We will have to wait for the next too days for the euphoria or anger to calm down, then we can start the Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating that has been waiting on the backburner for far too long.

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As I typed this post a comment was added to the last post. Someone is already helping himself to the pie admittedly this did take some force feeding.

The first domino has fallen. Jacques, my sources were correct — http: But I think things will change. But alas, this is not Bulgaria. It saddens me that they chose Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating path because I had stated in the past that the electoral system does not respect the implicit wish stated.

This means that effectively only about This means that a total of 9. I would also like to point out that undoubtedly a few of my own votes were rendered dubious by virtue of the fact that the ink stamps on the back of the votes seeped through to the front. I had not anticipated this disadvantage to going independent. Such is the rule of law over the rule of sense and ethics it seems. If Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating, a decent opposition should have happened five years ago, after the referendum and election fiascos.

If they rallied after Sant because of partisan blinkers, then why would they see the light now? The people who supported Sant will still be there, along with their short-sighted visions. I hope I am actually. Pullicino Orlando faired well, people gave the PN a mandate to continue on their track. As for AD, I am not really bummed out about them not getting seats.

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Hopefully, Mario Mallia will be the new chairman. If that happens, the PN would be in some serious shit, as I believe he will give Gonzi a run for his money when it comes to charm and the ability to inspire confidence. Jacques…help… On a completely different, utterly non-politics related note… Do you know where I can find a good, reliable Maltese font for my Mac?

The only way is up hehe.

The Nationalists have won and congratulations go to the Nationalist Party for having been very focused during this electoral campaign and achieved their objective, namely retention of Power. While people like Patrick Tabone have spent the last 4 years milking the EU gravy train, Harry Vassallo spend the last 4 years on Lm 40 per month i know because i write the cheques trying to change his country.

Now he resigns and Patrick chooses to vomit on him. Eddie, get a grip! Patrick Tabone can help himself to as much gravy as he wishes — his talent for offering acute analysis, incisive critique and intuitive diplomacy have oiled more wagon trains than he would ever choose to mention… er… no, I am not his mother. Harry Vassallo I will forever remember as the man who could have cost us membership in the election. At least Sant had the conviction; Vassallo was that he thought of himself too highly not to step aside.

By the way, when he was informed that his fine was being transformed into a prison sentence Vassallo said that his monthly income was Lm Apart from that being somewhat exaggerated you get paid for the value of your work not on what you could Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating. You Greens think you have the divine right to vomit on everyone while behaving like beleagured nuns at the first hint of criticism coming your way.

Harry does what he is doing because he has no alternative. And let me be blunt about this one: He trained as a lawyer so it hardly requires the wildest leap of the imagination to suggest that if he was not politically active, he would be otherwise engaged in some sort of activity that at least Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating his legal training.

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After all, Guido de Marco briefly resumed his legal career when in opposition. Now of course there is oy one Guido de Marco and how very great he is and Harry Vassallo is no Guido de Marco, but I expect there is somewhere out there is some place that Harry Vassallo could use his training to eke out some sort of sustenance for himself and his family.

Neither do I think it would be wildly unrealistic to suggest that such activity would probably earn him a bit more than Lm Speculating on precise figures is probably rather foolish, as well as unncessary. After all, he has now resigned so we shall see whether his children starve or not. Whatever his failings, one suspects that in some quarters, Harry Vassallo will forever be guilty of that very wickedest, most contemptuous of all crimes — the crime of "Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating" being the only type of person worthy of recognition and respect as a human being.

The crime of not being a rich Nationalist. Nobody told you that the Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating system is an entrenched Constitutional provision and that it requires two-thirds majority in Parliament to be changed. I am not Patrick Tabone. And I voted Green. And by the way……. Gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory. Daphne should remember that a lot of moderate nationalists and floaters had to ultimately use their nose peg and go for the safety vote in this election, as a result of the unjust electoral system and poor opposition.

So far from doing this without them as you alleged elsewhereit was exactly thanks to that small but crucial segment of the electorate that opted to go for the lesser evil despite their qualms and misgivingsthat allowed PN to retain power by the skin of its teeth. His forthcoming decisions on the composition of Cabinet will be the first litmus test.

I read through most of your elegantly written articles. Beautiful mastery of the english language indeed. Very noble points put forward. Now get back to your respective well paid posts and please be kind and let me know how many sunflowers have blossomed in Tuscany this Spring. Malta needs, more than others and more than ever, a strong Green movement.

I have a lot of respect for people who have tried to make AD work over the years. But I believe that they made a strategic mistake in choosing an electoral battlefield, and many tactical mistakes like putting all their eggs in a coalition basket in this particular election.

It was never going to happen, and people should not have been Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating to believe that it was a realistic possibility. Instead Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating mobilising the big parties to oppose them, they could be making the big parties fall over themselves to take up their suggestions and woo the green vote.

They could set up a programme in good time, push the parties to adopt their proposals in their manifestos, have the balls to make an endorsement before the election of the party that is ready to do the most for the environment, and hold them strictly to account afterwards. AD has time for a re-think and a re-start. As for Harry himself, my personal opinion is that he has not delivered his targets.

Gonzi will face a number of important tests. The composition of the Cabinet is one, the choice of speaker, the choice of President and a new way of doing things including listening. The only person blogging here is me. All the others post-comments. Since you spoke in the plural I am sure you refer to both types of net surfers.

I also fall under the category of well-paid posts and I do not see the correlation between voting preference and salary.

Bitter words about salaries etc are also the result of old style politics confrontation. As for voting preference itself. I believe that my last trilogy of posts pointed out my personal considerations.

I also believed that the main thrust of my arguments was that every person must weigh the priorities that are dear to them and pointed out the different options available in accordance to such priorities.

What did I vote? I am one of the who voted for Dr Harry Vassallo in the 10th district and I have no regrets. I am also glad that this government is now headed by Dr Lawrence Gonzi, that Labour have a chance to reform themselves as do Alternattiva Demokratika.

I suggest an alka seltzer for that sick feeling around the stomach. If you really believed in and voted for the real change I also advise you to get over the gripes and anger and take full advantage of the results of this election which if interpreted rightly can only augur well for the future.

As I type Patrick Tabone takes a pause from his side of the milking. Please Patrick spare us the Gree Pressure Group business. The discussion is and should be about Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating electoral reform.

Patronising comments like Gonzi on Bondiplus yesterday only serve to show that certain lessons to be had from the results Fottiti in inglese yahoo dating this election are not only hard to swallow but in some cases some people choose conveniently not to read them. We have a government that represents less than half of the people and you are busy telling off a party for doing its bloody job?

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