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Cultural Democracy is a process dynamic which works to create awareness and responsibility with people in the free world. Considering the challenges of globalization, this edition of Global Education Magazine intends to reflect on the supranational level actions that promote political unity and equal rights, respecting all diversity and minorities. The Planetary Cybernetic Intelligence: A Transhumanist and Transcultural Democratic territory!

Thus, democracy is closely interrelated to metacognition of feelings and fundamental principles of others. For this reason, current global educational policies must support the civic imperative to educate in neurobiology of love and solidarity: Moreover, we must discern that dignity and freedom America desarrollada y subdesarrollada yahoo dating human being also belong to cosmic and planetary order, because we are made of stellar material!

The emergence of human being on Earth is just one stage of the universe. We are ecodependent beings with a double identity: An environment constituted by all beings that feed upon it, which can only build their existence, autonomy, creativity and individual wealth in ecological relationship with the environment.

That is, individual-social development and environmentalplanetary evolution are mutually dependent, because the permanent metamorphosis of nature is an autopoietic America desarrollada y subdesarrollada yahoo dating in continuous transformation.

Therefore, a historical turning point would entail the recognition of a real education that teaches to contextualize, summarize and globalize through Sattwa osmotic communication. The Homeland-Earth harmonization requires knowledge evolution towards new transhumanists and transnational dialectics America desarrollada y subdesarrollada yahoo dating in order to prevent future conflicts.

Internet is, in essence, a parallel space-time which feeds on the concept of transnational, transcultural, transpolitical, transreligious and transhumanist connectivism. Thus, self-transcendence means becoming aware of the multidimensional and multi-referential nature of reality.

From a quantum point of view, the whole material in the multiverse is interconnected. The quantum consciousness is attached to spacetime and represents an essential element of multiverse, that must be included in. Then, if we all share the same consciousness, when we understand ourselves, we understand the whole of humanity.

Thereby, the reminiscent search for universal brotherhood adjacent in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights requires a samadhi transpersonal psychology. Therefore, treat multidimensionality of Sambhogakaya consciousness involves an inner transformation in search of self-knowledge, where the nature of emotional intelligence and epigenetic psychological complexes derived from common heritage of world-society, must find ecocentric cosmovision through inner mystical experiences and external scientific experiences.

We speak about a spiritual phenomenology and an intelligence revolution that transmute the real-abstract in real-concrete and vice versa. A transcendental theosophical control, whose non-local correlation involves interferences in the subconscious of collective intellect of Brahman. So that, it is necessary to support transpolitical and transnational legitimization of the cyber space-time, to develop his revolutionary transhumanist message: Somos seres ecodependientes con una doble identidad: En este sentido, el reconocimiento de internet por el derecho internacional es de prioridad inmediata para evocar una abertura a la tolerancia de la diversidad y a la democracia transcultural.

Debemos percibir que somos consciencias sincronizadas y correlacionadas coexistiendo en diversas realidades, pues somos compuestos por fragmentos de luz de un mismo big bang. Entonces, si todos compartimos la misma consciencia, cuando nos comprendemos a nosotros mismos, entendemos a toda la humanidad.

Carta abierta al Presidente de los EE. Tu predecesor George W. Tampoco es nuevo que EE. La comunidad internacional debe dar su apoyo a las organizaciones sociales que buscan la paz. Tu gobierno se ha convertido en un peligro para el equilibrio internacional y para el propio pueblo estadounidense.

Nosotros no dejaremos de intentar impedirlo. La humanidad reclama la Paz y el derecho a vivir en libertad. Obama, nunca olvides que siempre recogemos los frutos de lo que sembramos. Recibe el saludo de Paz America desarrollada y subdesarrollada yahoo dating Bien. Mucho menos luego de haber asesinado Como uma democracia plena pode admitir a desigualdade entre os seres humanos? Que tipo de governante poderia desejar e realizar um tamanho estado de direito universal? Tratar-se-ia, portanto, brincando com as palavras, de uma povocracia, que no presente momento saltou de escala He is a trustee of the Foundation and continues to be involved with its activities.

He has written articles and books on various issues relating to the teachings of J. To know more go to: Education, Science and Spirituality Javier Collado: Padmanabhan Krishna, thank America desarrollada y subdesarrollada yahoo dating very much for all the conferences that you are doing these months around Brazil, and thank you to give us also the opportunity to know a little bit more about your theosophical approach to Education, Science and Spirituality.

If there is more than one proposal we will vote and decide by majority which path to adopt. Having decided that, we shall all help to make that a success irrespective of our personal views and if there are difficulties we shall confer again in the same spirit and decide the changes to be made without any mud-slinging or blame game. We are friends with the common interest of our country as the uppermost objective irrespective of who is in power.

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Well, after reading a lot of your papers on your website www. If we human begins, are making mistakes after mistakes with wars And what is the role of Education in this process? Without such a spirit what we have is not a true democracy, but a power game played with selfish interest to outdo our rivals and cheat or tell lies if needed to gather votes and win power. The national objective is forgotten and personal agendas operate.

Without the true spirit the America desarrollada y subdesarrollada yahoo dating becomes a sham and we do not really mean what we say. Or say what we mean. Unless the motives are right it turns into a hypocrisy and a pretense. What we have to learn in the name of democracy? What we have at present in the democracies of the world is the basic America desarrollada y subdesarrollada yahoo dating of political parties, periodic elections to the parliament, the separation of the judiciary from the executive, the freedom of press and other media etc.

But we lack the spirit of democracy which is a spirit of friendship, of mutual respect, humility, honesty, and co-operation despite the differences of views between us. It is a spirit which says no one of us knows what is the right thing to do, so we will confer, listen to each other with respect and thereby educate ourselves into different aspects of the problems. Translating all this into an academic curriculum which can be taught in all the countries is very difficult to achieve as a global ideal.

You cannot teach this like an academic course. Children are educated not by what we speak but by what they see going on around them. America desarrollada y subdesarrollada yahoo dating world is the way it is because we are the way we are and we do not change just because our knowledge or opinions change. There is real change only when we live with a different spirit which requires a transformation of consciousness and not merely the Ideas can change the structure of society but the new structure will also fail if the spirit is not changed, for the same reasons for which the previous structure did not work.

You can make some better roads or bring about outward changes but the real deeper problems lie not at that level.

For instance, neither capitalism, nor communism or socialism has created a non-violent society where there is peace, love, friendship, happiness and real welfare. So what is needed is an inner change which comes from self-knowledge and not from book knowledge alone.

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Unfortunately we have neglected self knowledge, which is the key to wisdom, in almost all our systems of education globally. So education becomes just a means of cultivating skills and power; and power without wisdom is dangerous as it is used destructively towards selfish aims. So, what is your advice about global education, in order to free human beings from the divisions of nationality, religion and so on.?

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