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Lenguas indoeuropeas yahoo dating


Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Celtic divine names in the Iberian Peninsula: Celtic Religion across Space and Time J.

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Altar de los Lugoves. Joao Correia Santos Inscripciones rupestres y espacios sagrados del norte de Portugal: This method, and more specifically the Kernel densi- ty analysis, allows us to recognize the worship areas of the different divine names, as well as to trace their secondary extensions through close or distant environments.

An attempt is made to integrate the distributional data obtained into a specific socio-economic and political context; i. The most remarkable results are: Hispania is based almost exclusively on epigraph- With these precedents, since the s the ic material because, unlike other areas of Europe, study of religious expressions has been both iconographic indicators and textual refer- addressed by more objective approaches, where ences are scarce.

These studies, based on the rigid compose it. This work is based on a classification functional classification used by early researchers, that distinguishes between the purely indigenous provided an anarchic overview, composed by a testimonies, those who appear together with high number of indigenous cults and of basically Roman divinities, and Lenguas indoeuropeas yahoo dating which are doubtful; local character. The resulting subject were to change their course.

On the one categorization is contextualized according to geo- hand, the recording and systematic review of the graphical and cultural criteria which are not always peninsular epigraphic corpus related to vernacular objective. Furthermore, the discovery of new sis of votive altars: Usually, they do not specify objections. To begin with, the usual problems of the geographic coordinates of the pieces, making reading and contextualization of the epigraphic difficult a detailed analysis of their spatial distribu- material in many instances prevent us from draw- tion patterns.

But these deficiencies, Therefore, and with intent to palliate —at least in inherent in any research process based on archae- part— this problem, this paper presents Lenguas indoeuropeas yahoo dating new ological materials, are exacerbated by other nega- methodological approach for the study of Hispan- tive aspects which obstruct an objective percep- ic indigenous religiosity based on Geographical tion of Lenguas indoeuropeas yahoo dating religious phenomena.

This intention now to provide definitive results but leads to the recurrence of continental models when rather to show the possibilities offered by these explaining the whole set of peninsular religious new analytical tools.

What we have done is focal- behaviours, which, in some cases, create misinter- izing spatially different cults, analysing their possi- Lenguas indoeuropeas yahoo dating and a lack of attention to their more than ble processes of geographic dispersion and, final- presumable heterogeneity. This omission results in the loss of the of this methodology and its potential results.

In addition, for Fortunately, parallel to this vision, in the last updating data regarding the Portuguese material decade some critic approaches have developed we have had the invaluable help of Dr. Amilcar that attenuate the commented defiencies thanks Guerra1. In addition, the uncertainty or conflict about the origin of some pieces makes us suspect in some cases that the same item appears in duplicate by counting, depending on the publication handled, with differ- ent provenances.

Data regarding each of the dedications includ- ed in this study are organized into an Excel table into which are entered individually the divine name from now on DNthe place of origin town and provincethe geographical coordinates UTM Universal Transversal Mercator and —if available— the chronology. This system allows to sort and Indigenous DNN still remains important in total.

After establishing these linguistic categories, In the specialized literature usually just the area or we proceeded to order the elements contained in town of provenance is mentioned without any each of them by the number of dedications. Hence, after estab- process allowed us to select Lenguas indoeuropeas yahoo dating elements to be lishing its generic origin, it was necessary to geo- included in this analysis.

Lenguas indoeuropeas yahoo dating

It is important to state reference each of the entries by means of the that, for their statistical irrelevance, all those DNN Google Earth application. It is important to state, showing less than three dedications have been therefore, that the determination of the coordi- excluded from this analysis.

This implies a DNN are commonly recorded. Significant gaps are certain degree of inaccuracy but, by means of the perceived in the eastern and southern areas of the tools now used, it must be considered much more Peninsula, of basically non-Indoeuropean linguis- precise than the traditional map dotting.

As a result of these actions we have gathered Other gaps, like the middle bassin of the river dedications containing some sort of native Duero, have a different meaning since we are deal- element. However, once generated the corpus of ing here with a Celtic-speaking area, which means dedications, it has been subjected to a preliminary they will have to be explored in detail further on. This led us to define three categories: The traditional cartography of the dedications involving indigenous DN.

Thus, the techniques developed by To address this kind of distributional represen- Quantitative Geography through the New Informa- tation there are several methods —representation tion Technologies NIT have fostered an important of gradients, distribution of points, densities, near- Lenguas indoeuropeas yahoo dating in the study of the interaction of mankind est neighbor, etc.

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