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Iroh vs ozai yahoo dating


I've got tons to do like study and write a paper and study and look for books and study. But since I am ever the model student, here I am writing a new chapter instead. Haha Aang goes to dinner at Zuko's place, despite his Aang's protests.

Reply to reviews are at the bottom AN. He was standing in front of the backseat car door on the passenger sideglaring at Aang who Iroh vs ozai yahoo dating refused to have dinner at his place. He wanted to hit Shikamaru who was standing beside him when the lazy ass boy dared to snicker at his predicament.

Zuko was tempted to Iroh vs ozai yahoo dating yes, he definitely required his assistance but decided against it. He knew Aang would not appreciate Shu's idea of assistance, but it would be really funny to watch his chauffer carry the genius over his shoulder like a sack of wheat as said boy was kicking and screaming to be let down.

He stopped himself from smiling. Aang would give him hell again if he smiled.

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