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Documentary signification Mircea Brie Edipo in Transilvania: The main idea of the first discussions which also lies at the basis of this miscellany of studies was to make interpretative methods and strategies belonging to such different disciplines as historiography and philology, take part in dialogue and confront each other espe- cially when analyzing Crociata contro gli albigesi yahoo dating text of the historical document in its many aspects and dimensions.

We have already witnessed a previous meeting of history with philology in the field of positivist historiography, a new trend which has come along with text criticism, the development of auxiliary sciences and the relationship between philology and history. Currently, the historiography promoted by the Annals School broadens the scope of the historical documents and suggests new inter- pretations. Even if it gives up the classical form of collaboration between his- tory and philology, the written text maintains its importance.

In spite of their over millennial common ideological premises, methods and goals, philology and history live mostly separate in the current university systems hardly ever having the opportunity to meet and confront their perspectives on research. We have always considered this separation of philology and history to be harmful and dangerous to both disciplines as, lately they have been increas- ingly menaced by skeptical and disaggregated tendencies which may often reduce philology to a dead formalism, sufficient to itself and historiography to a sim- ple narrative rhetoric.

Returning to our volume, we can notice persistence upon the notion of document. What does the source for research mean for historians and philolo- gists today? In this case we have a diversity of types of sources: Regarding the next level we can notice the way of ques- tioning the historical document.

From this point of view, we think the volume brings about an original approach in interpreting the political discourse, histo- ry Crociata contro gli albigesi yahoo dating ideology, in analyzing certain concepts and terms specific to certain epochs, in dealing with the philological approach in dating a text.

Among other things, this volume sought to bring a modest response to these trends. Within its speech, the historiographic and philological discourses meet first and foremost on the common ground of idiographic vocation by placing the individual and irreducible reality of the Text and Document in the centre of the respective interpretative approaches. The proposed studies and analy- sis fit into a vast interpretative and diachronic framework which extends from the European Middle Ages and long term phenomena of folk cultures up to the intel- lectual and political history of post communist period.

At the same time the methodological and scientific perspectives which intersect in this volume come from different geographical and cultural spaces, which, more and more, after the fall of communism and the reopening of the old communication lines between Western and Eastern Crociata contro gli albigesi yahoo dating, feel the need to reunite and recognize each other.

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