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Heirlooms in the Sand, recovered in the Arizona Desert, article.

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Naturalization Reco Aug In the four major documentaries that Burns has produced for PBS, he has, whether knowingly or not, been practicing a strategy well known among the ancients, " Damnatio Memoriae," a damnation of memories. Stones and monuments don't have to be defaced. The strategy is simply to make Latinos invisible. Create public memories that exclude any evidence of positive Hispanic contributions: Let us now with increased energy continue our gift to history.

Bless and honor our history for the benefit of increased understanding and the unity of our nation. The introduction to the Defend the Honor update is below. Please go to the site Barreras semantics ejemplos yahoo dating link to a series of 9 articles that reflects the opinions of many. Each of you, dear reader, can decide what you can do to help.

Defend the Honor www. We were honored to have a number of California American G. Forum members, including former National Commander Tony Gallegos, attend our program. "Barreras semantics ejemplos yahoo dating" was a great event.

It shows Speedy Gonzalez dodging bullets -- and at the end, a photo-shopped photo of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima has the men wearing sombreros, and rather than a flag, they are hoisting a pinata.

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The issue was very much in the news, as newspaper writers saw the fitting Memorial Day angle: See details below, and on the www. Director Ken Burns and associates took six years to interview more than 40 individuals in four communities Waterbury, Connecticut; Mobile, Alabama; Sacramento, California; and Luverne, Minnesota. Japanese Americans and African Americans.

The film has no reference to the Latino contribution. The documentary also has an accompanying book and educational materials.

PBS officials say, in a news release: Go to the Barreras semantics ejemplos yahoo dating for links to the latest news Barreras semantics ejemplos yahoo dating articles on PBS's position. We can be supportive to the Defend the Honor campaign by contacting local PBS stations and arranging for a scheduling of documentaries that focus on the Latino contributions.

Hopefully groups can join forces and arrange for local PBS stations to schedule documentaries or taped interviews with Latino veterans of World War II. Written and produced by Dr. They grew up on the margins of society.

World War II changed them. They changed their world. This Arizona produced documentary presents the courageous testimonies of veterans: D Shot, cut and scored: It's a one hour documentary entitled "Latino Stories of World War II," and it grew out of oral history interviews conducted initially for the oral history project at the University of Texas.

Instead, four Latino veterans three Mexican Americans and one Cuban American tell their own stories in their own words. The film incorporates historical film footage, photographs, and music. It is not intended as an overview of the Latino experience in the war, just as the compelling stories of these four individuals: On the advice of several people, I sent a copy to national PBS but they have declined to distribute it to their member stations.

However, another supplier, American Public Television, has said that they would make it available to PBS stations this summer. Admittedly, that may be late for some stations in terms of their scheduling. Two PBS stations that I contacted have indicated that they will show my film in conjunction with the Burns series: I plan to contact other PBS stations located in areas with major Latino populations.

I would be glad to send a DVD copy to anyone who may be interested. As things stand now I plan to distribute it myself, although that may change. I am also available to show the film to groups and talk about it. I have already shown it to several community and campus groups. So there is an alternative to Ken Burns, and it is a film made about Latinos by Latinos. There still Barreras semantics ejemplos yahoo dating to be a longer and more comprehensive film that will provide an overview of the Latino experience in WWII, but perhaps that will grow out of the current controversy.

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Elmali, Muzaffer, E-mail: [email protected] [Department...

Sons of New Mexico, Prisoners of Japan Documentary tells the story of the th and th Coast Artillery Regiments, who achieved ethnic diversity, fought with great distinction in the Philippines, endured the Bataan Death March and became two of the most decorated military units in World War II. The film includes interviews with survivors, a return visit to the Philippines, and a meeting with one of the Japanese guards. Sent by Pedro Olivares pedro.

A few hours after the war began, his picture was broadcast all over the world: He was also a so- called 'green-card soldier' - one of approximately 32, non-U. S, ultimately to die an American hero in the deserts of Iraq. It is the story of a young man's attempt to Barreras semantics ejemplos yahoo dating - on both sides of the world.

Ken Burns Florentine Films P. Box Walpole, N. Like thousands of other Latinos and Native Americans in our nation, I have been closely observing and following the efforts of those who are calling, writing, drafting resolutions and meeting with you and PBS to advocate the inclusion of Latinos and Native Americans in your World War II documentary. We have all been very hopeful that you and PBS would see the "poetic" justice, morality and ethics of these arguments and gladly add these missing components to your important effort.

Burns said there was no chance that the film would Barreras semantics ejemplos yahoo dating re-edited.

It would be destructive, like trying to graft an arm onto your child, he said. It would destroy the film. Your assertion that any addition would be destructive and would destroy the film could not be further from the truth.

Your analogy that any change to your documentary would be equivalent to "grafting an arm to a child" struck a chord and hit a powerful nerve in my body and spirit. I am a Vietnam veteran, class of I was wounded twice in that war and spent nearly "Barreras semantics ejemplos yahoo dating" months in an Army hospital in Okinawa, Japan, where I underwent surgeries to regain my eye sight. When I was able to see again, I witnessed the true "remnants" of war - thousands of young men without arms, legs and body parts.

"Honor Thy Father"

These soldiers, like most others wounded in war, are always hidden and forgotten. I recall the first time I was able to attend Mass at the hospital chapel. I did so in spite of the fact that my faith had been badly shaken from my experiences in war - I decided to stand at the back of the church.

A young man in a wheel chair was brought in and placed right next to me. He was missing one arm, both legs and half of his face was disfigured. When it was time for communion, he motioned for me to "Barreras semantics ejemplos yahoo dating" him up the aisle. With a lump in my throat, I gladly agreed to help him.

During our brief trip up the aisle the young man expressed to me how wonderful it was to be alive. In those few words, he taught me the "sacred and supreme value of life" and removed forever all of my own self pity. During those six months in the hospital, I spoke with hundreds of young men who were coming to terms with their loss of body parts. To a person, they celebrated the news that they would be getting the addition of a new arm, foot or leg.

They saw the new limb as a constructive rather than destructive factor in giving them the chance to build a more fulfilling life.

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