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Surtur vs galactus yahoo dating


Chris Peruzzi is a comic book superhero historian who is passionate about how today's comic book heroes are the new mythology for America. The Marvel Universe has more than its share of universal threats. Most readers and comic book fans aren't aware of most of them.

I decided that writing this article was more out of need than out of pleasure when I found that Thanos was a mystery to some of the younger comic book readers. Over the last fifty years, Marvel Comics has amassed some pretty powerful villains - and villains are people you should be worried about.

However, the term "villain" and "threat" are not necessarily synonymous. In a real world example Osama bin Laden was a villain who was a threat. He was evil and wanted to cause destruction. However, bin Laden at his worst could not cause the same kind of devastation as a natural disaster or the "threat" of global warming.

The best title for this is "threat" rather than villain because some of these beings are not evil as we understand them. Some would argue that Galactus is the worst villain in the Marvel Universe. Although what Galactus does is incredibly destructive, causes death, and ends worlds - the term "evil" does not really fit.

Galactus does what he needs to survive. There is no malice in what he does just as there is really no malice for any MacDonalds customer to any cow that was part of his cheeseburger. The death and destruction that Galactus causes are incidental to his survival. Galactus needs to consume the life-energy of planets in order to survive. If the planet he consumes is inhabited, it is unfortunate. What we can call Galactus is a universal threat. After all, what would you call someone or something that needs to destroy planets to survive?

What would you do about such a threat? All inhabited planets that have been consumed by Galactus have tried to fight back. Unfortunately for them Galactus is too powerful to be stopped. Okay, yes, he looks like some kind of glam rocker from Surtur vs galactus yahoo dating eighties. But don't be fooled, he's all powerful. Back in the eighties, Marvel Comics ran a storyline that lasted for almost a year called "The Secret Wars".

They were gathered by a bodiless being called The Beyonder. You see the Beyonder didn't understand the nature of good and evil as well as the motivations behind humanity. He told both groups to slay their enemies and he'd grant the winners whatever they desired. Nothing was impossible for him to grant. In the aftermath of the Secret Wars, the Beyonder wanted to experience life as a human.

Originally he created a body from parts of the beings he observed from the participants of the first Surtur vs galactus yahoo dating Wars. In his second attempt, he Surtur vs galactus yahoo dating a body from that of Captain America and then later he changed his hairstyle and clothes based on recommendations from a mob family. Reality bends at the whim of the Beyonder. In his home universe, he was everything and everything was him.

There is no being or entity in the Marvel Universe save the Molecule Man who can challenge his might. This includes Galactus, Mephisto, and Death.

Odin felt he did not...

Owen Reece essentially Surtur vs galactus yahoo dating irradiated and absorbed the energy of a cosmic cube. The accident put lighting-like scars on his face. Initially, Reece, thought he could control all the aspects of inorganic matter. Calling himself, the Molecule Man, the picture of a disgruntled lab worker in a giant corporation, took revenge on the corporate president that fired him for causing the lab accident.

The Molecule Man was the frequent foe of the Fantastic Four - as the Watcher, in an oath breaking piece of interference, alerted the group of Reece's power.

Reece was wrong about his own power and subconsciously thought he only had the power to effect inorganic matter. That makes you about as powerful as a god.

It is a good thing that within recent years, Reece sought out therapists to help him with his own inner demons of inadequacy and, more or less, has become psychologically stable. A natural home body, Reece prefers to be left alone and not to be disturbed unless the crisis calls for his intervention.

The dark side of the Phoenix force is something to be feared and dreaded. We know the Phoenix force as the energy that joined with Jean Grey, cloned her and for a brief time on Earth lived life as Jean Grey. When it had bonded with Grey, it was subject to all of her mind and emotion. With that being said, it was also vulnerable to her "Surtur vs galactus yahoo dating" dark side that everyone has.

You Know There's Trouble When...

As a high level psionic energy manipulator, Grey may have eventually been able to work with the force - however, during her time when she was manipulated by the mutant Mastermind while at the mutant Hellfire Club, she may have lost the necessary control she needed. The Phoenix force which usually manifests itself in the shape of a great bird of fire bonds with a high level telepath and thereafter can manipulate time, energy, matter, and be at one with cosmic awareness - making it omniscient.

It is indestructible and is part of the primal energies of this universe. Many have said that the Phoenix force is second most powerful force in the universe.

The Dreaded Dormammu reigns the mystic dark dimension. According to Doctor Strange, sorcerer supreme in this dimension, the Dormammu is a threat to "the life of the universe itself".

He has displayed energy projection; matter transmutation; size shifting and teleportation; body possession; resurrection of the dead; bestowing of power; and creating demon lords.

Within his own dimension there is no entity that can stop him. It is only through the Dormammu's own oath, as he is indebted to Doctor Strange for helping him protect his own dimension, that he does not invade this one. While he won't invade Earth or this dimension directly, he is not beyond using pawns to carry out his evil deeds.

The brief episodes that the Dormammu has made his incursion upon this dimension through merging the Dark Dimension with this one his presence has caused humanity to turn into demon like creatures and "Surtur vs galactus yahoo dating" world into a hellish environment. All of you know this guy. He the guy you meet when you say, "For fill in the blankI'd sell the Devil my soul.

He Surtur vs galactus yahoo dating what we'd term "Hell" - complete with damned souls, fire, brimstone, you name it.

Some would argue that Galactus...

Mephisto pops up anytime there is a character that seems to be incorruptible and has a unique kind of problem that a master of time, space, and dimension can solve. Normally, his victim is the Silver Surfer. He takes a particular type of joy in the fact that while the Surfer was trapped on Earth that he could torture and tease him by showing him his true love, Shalla Bal and denying him when he said, "No. Like all the stories, any time anyone makes a "deal with the Devil", things usually don't quite work out as the bargainer intends.

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