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Send us an e-mail message, if you have any questions that remain unanswered. Credentials that have admin privileges need to be specified for carrying out certain activities in Desktop Central:.

When automatic patch deployment is applied to a OU, and a new computer is added to a OU, will the task pick the newly added computer?

Yes, all the configurations applied to the OU will be automatically applied to the newly added computers.

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When you initiate patch scanning, does it start scanning all the computers at a same time or does it scan them incrementally? Scanning will be initiated incrementally in order to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks. I need to deploy the newest Mozilla updates to certain computers but exclude some, how do I do this? You can create a custom group with the computers which you wanted to exclude. How would I automatically download and deploy the latest flash updates as they are released?

How to ensure the individual computers do not download patches from the internet? I do not want any 3rd party application in our organization to take the updates from the internet? Create a configuration, select the target computers and deploy it. Which type of software repository is recommended for computers in remote location; is it a network share or HTTP share? We would recommend using a HTTP Como rascarse las bolas yahoo dating as the software repository for computers in the remote location.

This would ensure that all the computers can reach the software repository easily. Since Desktop Central supports Multiple Active Directory domains and work-groups, we need to associate the credential supplied in SoM with the corresponding Domain or work-group.

In order to handle such scenarios, Desktop Central gets the additional user name and password for RunAs. However, if "Run As" is not specified then system credentials will be taken by default. It is identical to the MSI file name with network path. It becomes mandatory only when the MSI file name with network path is manually entered.

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