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Zr1 vs z06 yahoo dating

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The Parking Lot non car related topics. ZR1 vs Z06 as track car. In several different posts it has been said that the Z06 would perhaps make a better track car?!! I had assumed that the ZR1 was also a further developmental improvement on the C6 platform and would be a better handling car than the Z06, separate from the increased HP and torque.

I'd appreciate informed opinion about which is better and why. Thanks talking about current Z06 vs ZR Last edited by bma2; at From the Z06Fest the frames are identical except for a couple holes drilled for extra ZR1 parts so from that standpoint they are identical.

I'm not a track guy so I imagine someone with some more experience will step in. I would think the Z06 is a much less expensive car to maintain and modify as a Zr1 vs z06 yahoo dating car. Looking at brakes alone the ZR1 has much better brakes but can your budget afford replacing the rotors which are rated at lifetime of the car unless used at the track.

Forged ci LS3, lots of go fast thingies, lots of bright flashy thingies. I have no track experience.

Now, with that being said. Z06modder, my Zr1 vs z06 yahoo dating and who is also on this board, has mildly ported heads, a cam, cai and headers and is making RWHP. So, if you upgrade the brakes on the Z06, I'd believe it would be a very good car to track.

Jeff Z06modder also converted his car to coil overs. I'm guessing his car would be a good candidate for a track car and I think he does track it when he has time.

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In many respects, the C5Z could be a better track car than either as an overall package. The C5Z has a steel frame if you want to weld a cage.

There are numerous aftermarket parts for the car at reasonable prices. In many respects, the C5Z makes for a quick, reliable and relatively inexpensive way to going tracking. A ZR1 has better steering, much better brakes and much better tires, as well as more HP than Zr1 vs z06 yahoo dating car--much more than a C5Z.

If cost is a concern, then a ZR1 is awful--the brake rotor cost alone is prohibitive, and even the fanciest brake rotors will be chewed up a the track. Chevy really should have an iron brake option for those who wish to track the car.

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A C6Z is better, but still much more expensive than a C5Z. Both a ZR1 and a C6Z will be very expensive to repair if you ball them up at the track. All of the carbon fiber and aluminum will defy easy repair. I guess it all depends on what you are after. If cost is a main concern, a C5Z is still very hard to beat and still plenty quick. I certainly enjoyed tracking mine. Watched them both on VIR full end of June. ZR1 trumps Z06 in acceleration, cornering, and braking.

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Magnetic shocks on ZR1 gave it noticeably flatter cornering vs. When run hard and long Road America in early Aug - ZR1 developed some "heat sink" issues on extended tracking 20 minutes or more BB code is On. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. What do you think of this Z06? Z06 not a top 10 track car???? Considering an '01 Z06 for a track car Anybody running ZR1 rims at the track? Contact Us Advertise Z06Vette.

And, without the foundation of the Corvette C6, Z06, and ZR1, the standard Corvette engine to date, with horsepower and lb-ft of. Join Date: Apr (talking about current Z06 vs ZR1 not my "oldie ) I would think the Z06 is a much less expensive car to maintain and AIM to PerforminNorman · Send a message via Yahoo to PerforminNorman. corvette c7 zr1 - Yahoo Image Search Results. Chevrolet Zr1 vs z06 yahoo dating C7 Z06 painted in Laguna Blue w/ a set of Vossen M-X1 wheels Photo taken by: them together with the Stingray drivetrain to create the most balanced Corvette to date.

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