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Teen top acronym


In Kpop world, a lot of acronyms are used.

If you are a new Kpop fan, it would be hard for you to understand some of them. When you are buying merchandises, some acronyms are also used: You also have to use some acronyms when you are posting in group pages. In conversations with other Kpop Fans, you will notice some acronyms too: Bias — the member of an idol group who is your favorite.

UB — Ultimate Bias — same as the meaning of Bias but with a stronger degree. It means the member of an idol group that you super love and even if you have other favorites, that member is still your number one. Sehun is my bias but Tao is my UB. I means the pair consist of two members that you like together. Teen top acronym and Sehun are my OTP. "Teen top acronym"

The meaning of T.E.E.N T.O.P

I love TaoHun a lot. OT12 means when the twelve members of EXO are together.

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OT6 means the six members of each group is together. Yehet — came from Sehun.

Feb 20, Here are some...

It mostly means Yehey. He says this when he is happy. Ohorat — came from Sehun. It mostly means Alright. Kaeb Song — came from Baekhyun. The word came from Akaepta Teen top acronym means regretting something or something wasteful. Kaeb Song has three different meanings for BaekHyun. These are the list of things I know so far. I will update this post when I learn something new. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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You are the reason that I breath. You are the reason that I still believe. You are my destiny That is why I did this post Teen top acronym help some newbies in Kpop. Here are some of the acronyms used in Kpop world.

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A Star 1 B1A4: Babyboys 2 Yearninggirls Baby V. Baby Voices of Xpression Baby V. Best Absolute Perfect BB. Beauty Blessed de Girl B. Creative electronic House Idols C. EXceed In Dreaming F. For Century Ultimate Zest Fin. Fin Killing Liberty F. GirLs be AMbitious g. Groove Overdose GP Basic: Girl Power Basic GG: Here Is The Top H. High-Five of Teenager I. Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu LC9: League of Competition 9 LPG: Most Incredible Busterz M. Made In Lovely Kin M. Magic Souls of Oriental Ne-P: New Five Order Teen top acronym. New Radiancy Group N: New Established Style and Tempo Pascol: Roots of Reggae SeeYa: So Hot Union of Idols S.

Voice of Ninety-Two X Teen top acronym of Empire When you are buying merchandises, some acronyms are also used: Bias — the member of an idol group who is your favorite example: It also means Sorry.