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Swan lake sydney


It is a conceit that could steer dangerously close to fawning celebrity fascination.

Thankfully, Murphy spares us the corgis and caricatures of the Queen. Instead, this updated fairytale — which has toured the world since the Australian Ballet first premiered it in and is now back in Sydney for the first time since — touches on the more sordid aspects of human love, heartbreak, and betrayal. He is having an affair with the seductive, if ruthless, Baroness von Rothbart, danced with bewitching allure Swan lake sydney Miwako Kubota.

From the first yearning bars...

Sensing her powerlessness the young bride loses the plot and is submitted to a mental asylum. She flings herself at her male guests, all the while looking back triumphantly at her philandering prince.

One of the most beloved...

The courtiers avert the eyes. I, too, almost wanted to look away rather than witness a fall from grace this brutal. Murphy has created bold and daring choreography and crowded is an apt word to describe the claustrophobic trio in which Odette dances with her suitor Rudy Hawkes and rival.

The world’s premier theatrical ice...

Her movements run the gambit from elegant and refined to clumsy, angry and disorientated. Meanwhile, the characters are nuanced rather than lazy stereotypes — even the Baroness wins sympathy as Swan lake sydney spell fades.

Costumes are not mere accessories but often integral to the dance itself.

In all this very human theatrics, the swans seem to take second place. For those expecting something more classical, more akin to the Russian original, this could be a drawback.


Unlike Diana, Odette does win her prince back for a short time. Ultimately, however, like the swans that now throng her mind, she must also fade into the watery depths. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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