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Late night hookups nyc map


Glamour talked about it. Except, of course, I was completely kind of wrong. Okay, friends, time for a heart-to-heart.

Singles aged in the Northeast, from my original singles map. And it is, kind of.

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Since these areas are basically married, it makes sense to treat them as a single statistical area, right? Since they were all New Yorkers, I thought, why not break the singles down by ZIP code and give them a little something more to chew on? See all that pink? Single women are dominating Manhattan. Greenpoint and Williamsburg are lady central! The male-heavy areas have a very clear theme: Definitely worth a look, though.

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Can we set them up, please? The San Francisco Bay Area, where the streets are paved with men. This is one of the most mean-spirited pieces of stuff I have ever read. Even if the statistics are true, the way you present them seems like you really hate women and want us to feel bad. The article is cruelly search-engine baited as being about where to MEET men. Must feel so great being a youngish guy. Thanks for posting this dispiriting map. I am the mother of a young single woman in the city.

However, if you were to include men and women of all ages and I hope you so at Late night hookups nyc map pointthe map would probably skew even more heavily female, particularly in Staten Island.

A lot of the young men "Late night hookups nyc map" are probably living with their parents. Thanks for this fascinating website! What about getting over the status obsession that drives many women to move to NYC in the first place, and encouraging them to date dudes from NJ.

I live in Linden, NJ, and always get written off mostly online because of where I live — even though it affords tons more savings, and there is plenty of wonderful places to go and see things here across the Hudson River.

So just very sad. This is actually Hypergamy map. The pink areas coincide very closely with where Late night hookups nyc map with money are more likely to be. And yes the women are not chasing the immigrants, they are chasing the established guys with Wall Street jobs. The only exception would be Brownsville and everyone knows the reason there are more women than men there is because the men have a higher likelihood of going to prison or simply dying at a young age.

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Educated and ballsy non PC assumption based on observation, basic common sense, and some study of the subject matter. You speak nothing but the truth. I would just like to say something in response to the guy below Dave who talks about the 21 models.

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Not all millionaires are interested in sleeping with 21 year old models. There are those who go deeper than that and seek personality in a woman, confidence etc. I know that for a fact because I had a very, very wealthy man courting me for years and although I am very attractive, I am not a model. Dave is correct, there are plenty of Hypergamy studies on this.

The women wasted their early years away.

The social norms, pressures, and cultures that greatly held this back are all gone. You can date me. That is what I do too. Thank your for these insights.

Of course the colleges might not change the basic gender imbalance, since the majority of college students Late night hookups nyc map women on almost all US campuses. I go on dating sites and as soon as they find out I live in Queens the conversation ends. I asked another girl and she said it has to do with money. If you live in Queens you must not have enough of it.

Basically these women are nothing but prostitutes. You might want to evaluate the type of girls that you go for. I think there is something you can improve.

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So if you are trying to pair marriage minded men and marriage minded women, you should consider their age difference. If you are willing to do this again I will consider for women and for men both cases we are talking a 15 age range each.

I did this by hand using your app writing down the data from the Map. Even worst than your second map! Have you run this map for other cities like D.

Would love to see the results.

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