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Language exchange hookup


At least it was when I was young and learning Japanese. It was all about meeting different people.

What do you think is...

When I was older and learning Swedish I payed my language exchange partner because I wanted to make it clear that it was not for flirting, and it was "Language exchange hookup" business exchange and not flirting, nothing romantic involved.

I am very clear about my intentions in order to not get their hopes up, but clearly flirting must happen. Others stated that they had no problem with it when asked, but I personally felt uncomfortable.

Ask New Question Sign In. Is it weird if my Japanese language exchange and I flirt with each other? I think that is one of the main reasons for language exchange partners.

Okay so if and when...

How do I flirt with my Japanese coworker? Which language is easiest to learn: Chinese, Japanese, or Korean? Do Japanese find their advertising weird?

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