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How long does it take to backup iphone to computer


I left my iPhone 7 GB backing overnight and there are still 6 hours left. Usually, how long does or should it take to backup iPhone to iCloud?

I backup to iCloud every...

It seems that time stop running when using iCloud to back up data for the iOS device. Sometimes, the whole process takes so long. The endless time almost drives us crazy while this problem is so common. But don't worry, in this page, you can find the answers and truth for your confusions that how long does iCloud backup take and why is it taking so long.

Actually, it's very hard to figure out an accurate how long does it take to backup iPhone to iCloud because the backgrounds and conditions vary from every user, but here we provide three major factors influencing how long does an iCloud backup take:.

According to the three factors above, it's apparent to back up a word file for a shorter time than backing up a video file. So, if you ask how long does it take to upload photos and videos to iCloud, it could be so long.

Also, if you are doing a backup work in a poor Wi-Fi internet condition, you will obviously get an endless wait. Of course, a well-conditioned device can improve the efficiency of the backup wok.

Backing Up

These factors also affect how long does it take for an iPhone to restore. You can find tips to speed up when the iCloud backup is taking forever. Based on the three reasons that we talked about above for how long does it take to backup to iCloud, we can identify that if we have a fairy well iPhone device under a high-speed WIFI condition to back up a small size data, the iCloud backup procedure will be accomplished in a high-efficient way, while obviously vice versa.

It only contains the files and settings stored on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod device. You should know that the data that have been uploaded to iCloud Drive will not be included in this iCloud backup process. Tips to fix iCloud backup is not working.

And you can download the iCloud backup to PC and extract it later. Other media files imported from PC or Mac. But you can back up and restore these data by using iTunes.

Getting tired of iCloud because it takes so long for backing up?

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Meanwhile, you also can choose to selective restore the backup data to the iPhone, iPad devices. Second, use your lightning cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and it will automatically detect your device and data.

And from the window, you can see that this software supports media files photos, audios, videos etc. After the completion of backup, you can view the backup history according to the instruction. Click the folders you can check the contents and files on the computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer and run this FoneCope toolkit. Then click on the Restore button.

Then you will find a list recording your backup history. Choose the files and click on View and Next button respectively. In this step, you can find the backup How long does it take to backup iphone to computer and details of categories. Select the files you need and choose to click on Restore to Device or Export to PC button as you want. If you want to restore the data to your mobile devices, click on the left Restore to Device button, then the files will be moved to your iOS devices.

It'll be great if this post does any help to the question "how long does iCloud backup take". Editor of FoneCope, does great in fixing Android and Apple device related problems, writing technical tips step by step.

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