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Astrology cancer hookup cancers and leos in love


When Cancer and Leo make a love match, they understand and know how to satisfy basic emotional needs within one another. Both these Signs require dedication and tender, loving care, but while Cancer seeks stability and emotional harmony, Leo craves heartfelt compliments and sincere admiration. They are also both committed to a enduring, rewarding connection. Both Leo and Cancer prefer comfort and security, and they prefer both on a grand scale. Cancer and Leo enjoy a lovely home and a close-knit family.

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Leo provides the flair and the passion, and Cancer brings to the home a sensitive but intense instinct to nurture. Leo is the bigger and bolder and more vivid of this couple, the picture of majesty and status. Because both Signs are so strong-minded, these two must always work attentively to understand and accept one another.

The Sun is about ego and self, radiating warmth and light, and vibrant Leo indeed radiates this kind of energy and enthusiasm. The Moon concerns itself with nurturing, with creating and maintaining emotional connections.

This combination of masculine and feminine energy is why the Sun and the Moon adore and sustain one another other as they do. The Sun represents life, and The Moon cultivation and growth; as long as they are mindful of their inherent differences, their combination can be a positive one.

Leo strives with an ardent energy toward praise and appreciation, while Cancer yearns more for security and stability. Both Signs like to take charge, but they come at a leadership role from very different directions.

Leo and Cancer Love Match

No small number of disputes can rise from this difference. As long as Cancer and Leo never take for granted their relationship, as long as they reassure one another in practical and romantic ways that this relationship is important to both of them, they can usually find a happy medium. Under stress, Leo becomes opinionated and stubborn, and Cancer can act as a subtle manipulative force.

If given the choice, the Crab would choose a "Astrology cancer hookup cancers and leos in love" and stable life, having no need for glamour or acclaim. Leo, on the other hand, loves to shake things up and embraces the unexpected and the novel.

Though a Leo and a Cancer may commit emotionally to a relationship, each of them can continue to follow their natural instincts AND devote themselves thoroughly and completely to one another. Cancer, hiding behind that innocent shell of theirs, can be the more quietly controlling of this pair and might — to a degree — manipulate their Leo loved one when it seems practical to do so.

Their mutual commitment to a sincere relationship. Together this pair can share a supportive, positive and healthy vibe.

People see them as a winning combination, and their mutual desire for a secure, loving relationship makes them strive for harmony. Click here to enter Free Psychic Chat.

Leo and Cancer Compatibility

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Leo and Cancer compatibility in...

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