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5 senses human sexuality


Studies suggests that women really do seem to be the more "sensitive" gender. Gender differences in the senses may have a biological basis, Pelchat says, but there may also be a societal and psychological component, as well.

Check out what the research says about the fascinating ways men and women differ in how we perceive the five senses. Women may be better suited for tasks that involve choosing paint swatches or color palettes. According to a City University of New York study, they are better able to distinguish between subtle shades of primary colors red, green, yellow, and blue than men.

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In addition, men are far more likely to have some form of color blindness —a pigment problem that makes it difficult to distinguish between colors. The disorder usually has a genetic component and is rarely found in women. Men do seem to have one advantage when it comes to vision: Another study by the same researchers found that guys are better able to pick up on sudden movements and identify rapidly changing images —a trait that perhaps evolved from their traditional role as hunters.

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People with smaller fingers have a finer sense of touch or tactile acuityaccording to a study published in the Journal of Neurosciencegiving women—who tend to be 5 senses human sexuality overall—yet another advantage over men. Smaller digits have more closely spaced sensory receptors, so are therefore able to pick up on more varieties of outside stimulation, the authors concluded.

But it's important to note that fingertip size, not gender, was the sole factor contributing to these findings, according to Massachusetts General Hospital physician Ethan Lerner, MD, "So, a man with fingertips that are smaller than a woman's will be more sensitive to touch than the woman," he cautioned in a press release about the study.

Men are five and a half times more likely to lose their hearing than women, according to a study from Johns Hopkins University. But, because boys and girls show no differences in ability when they're born, experts speculate that most of these changes are due to lifestyle "5 senses human sexuality" environmental factors—like smoking, noise exposure, and cardiovascular risk factors—that affect more men than women.

Other research, however, has found that women of all ages have better hearing at frequencies above 2, Hz, but that, as they age, they are less able to hear low frequencies 1, to 2, Hz than men.

Scientists have long known that women tend to outperform men on tests for identifying scents, but only 5 senses human sexuality have they found a potential biological explanation.

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The study's authors 5 senses human sexuality be sure that these extra cells are responsible for greater smelling ability, but they say it's a good guess.

From an evolutionary perspective an enhanced sense of smell may have helped women choose mates for reproductive purposes. Considering how closely smell and taste are related, it's not surprising that women also tend to have more sensitive palates than men.

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