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How to get wrinkles off your neck


Tatiana BidoFeatures Editor July 29, Whether due to genetics or years of neglecting the skin below your face, the lines across your neck are difficult to conceal unless you resign yourself to a life of turtlenecks.

Dec 21, Fashionista Beauty Helpline:...

No matter what causes neck wrinkles, there are several solutions that can help you get rid of the lines on your neck. You May Also Like: Is Your Phone Aging You? If the cause is side sleeping, facial exercises can tone and strengthen the underlying neck muscles.

Side sleeping can lead to neck wrinkleswhich are formed by the forceful pressure of your skin against your pillow at night. When done How to get wrinkles off your neck, facial exercises can help tighten your neck muscles and create a more sculpted look. If the cause is rough, damaged skin due to sun exposure, apply a neck cream to improve texture. If the cause is loose skin due to fluctuations in weight, a neck mask may help firm the skin.

According to Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon Michael Godin, MDweight loss and gain are major causes of premature aging in the neck. If the cause is years of neglecting to care for the skin on your neck, a toning device can help get it in shape. Neglecting to care for it just as you do your face leaves it more susceptible to developing wrinkles and bands over time. If the cause is genetic, a necklift will get rid of excess skin and restore youthful contours.

Patients who are genetically predisposed to skin laxity may need a more permanent fix. Nonsurgical treatments like Botox to diminish linesUltherapy to tighten skin and CoolMini by CoolSculpting and Kybella to reduce fat can help, but for severe neck bands and saggy skin, a necklift gives lasting results.

Have a enough sleep at east 8 hours a day and don't stress yourself too much stress can cause wrinkles. Our neck is one of the most sun-exposed parts of the body with thinner skin than the face and therefore especially vulnerable to problems like wrinkling and sagging from UV exposure and How to get wrinkles off your neck. My Mom had the same problem and a very good friend of her suggested Lifecell anti aging cream, it really worked for her.

This is an amazing product and can reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well.