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Speed dating conversation cards for autism


Circle of Friends Project.

Masking is a common behavioural...

About Circle of Friends. Meet Our Group Facilitators! Paperwork and Due Dates.

Masking is a common behavioural...

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These are great conversation starters...

Social Emotional Learning Literature Lessons. Have conversation model steps and the Big 12 topics on the wall for all to see. Line kids up in two rows facing each other. They can look at visual of steps and topics on the wall if they get stuck.

On teacher prompt, kids in a row on one side move down one seat the other row stays in their seatsso they have a new partner. On teacher prompt, repeat.

Keep moving down rows with new partners as time allows. We gave kids name tags and encouraged them to call their partner by name.

Teach peers how to prompt focus students who may struggle with their conversations.

Speed dating conversation cards autism....

Click here for a video taped lesson teaching the 60 Second Conversation Model at a high school Circle of Friends meeting. If a username or password is requested The Conversation Train Lesson Plan.

Just like regular speed dating,...

Mary Schlieder, Jul 8,9: Conversation Skills So, you've arranged for your first Circle activity. Maybe the Circle peers have enthusiastically agreed to eat lunch with the focus student. Or perhaps they're going to have a chat in the hallway.

So far, so good! One of the most important things you can do is teach conversation skills to BOTH the peers and the target child. The "Having a Chat" conversation model is one way to teach a common vocabulary and promote quality verbal interactions p. The focus child can practice this skill one-on-one with a resource teacher or speech therapist, but it's important to teach the peers, too.

Many Circle facilitators teach this model at the very first Circle meeting. Others role play conversations on a regular basis.

Peers can be taught to prompt the target child on the bus or at the lunch table with, "How about you pick a 'Big 12'? When all your Circle kids have been taught the same model, you'll be well on your way to better quantity AND quality conversations!

Below you'll see an example of cue cards the orange backed cards are the 'Big 12' conversation starters from p. In the second picture the pages have been taken out of the booklet so the individual pages can be seen. At a Circle meeting, video record conversations and play back. Conversation Practice-Speed Dating Style: These are great conversation starters when your kids arrive home from school.

Speed dating conversation cards for autism. to create this activity to help teach conversation coherence to children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders FREE, also great for table topics w/ a group or on date night.

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