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Sexy things to do for your anniversary


You are in it for the long haul. You have been there for one another through the good and the bad, and you have had plenty of chances to rediscover one another…. So, just because you have done this year in and year out, and just because the years have come and gone at this point, there is no reason to let go of the sweet romance. Allowing your relationship to sink into the neutral routine is like the kiss of death, and nobody wants that!

Here are some of the hottest ways to celebrate the blessing that is love.

With so many romantic and...

You have reached new heights and more heart-throbbing depths in your affair. Why not translate them into action by going the extra mile in the sack? The man is to push just a little further during the in-thrust, right before he pulls back, starting slowly, and then finding the quicker pace that works for Sexy things to do for your anniversary. It is preferable if the woman helps by relaxing her vaginal muscles.

You brought your love to daylight, double dating, getting married, spending weekends with in-laws… but why not flaunt it in the open? If you are on a budget, revisit your innocent beginnings pools, arcades, golf courses… while you indulge in your sexiest foreplay. Hike and bike your most beloved paths before you set sail on a lake. If you are up for some serious spending, shop for leather bondage handcuffs, safari escapes with luxury abodes, and jumbo jet tours.

Whatever your option is, it shall all end on a high note. It is not juvenile to plan a second or even a tenth honeymoon. Recreating the first night offers an entirely different taste of pleasure.

After years of commitment, spouses become more than just husbands and wives; they become pleased lovers and pleased parents.

Their sense of fulfillment and the Sexy things to do for your anniversary of being a satisfied and successful team is a powerful turn-on. Their developed sexuality, heightened by feelings of nostalgia and anticipation, convey a great deal of sexiness that pushes intimate love forward. You have your sexy dress on, the table is set, and you are waiting for your man to get home. You already know his likes and dislikes, his strengths and weaknesses. If this seems to be more than enough for you, it never is.

Flirt with the dark side of your sexual persona.

A Romantic Walk Down Memory...

Let your inhibitions go. Enter a place where the grass is greener and the sex is wilder. The natural scent of pheromone oil, applied to a pulse point, has the ability to add an animalistic spin on your lovemaking.

They say couples who play together stay together. Will it be Strip Sexy things to do for your anniversarywhere the loser bares it all and the winner sees it all?

How about you remix some of the Indian teachings of love and lust to better suit your love life? This should not be tough since what you are already performing does not differ much. Just have fun making them personal! There is something to learn from all these erotic movies and erotic talk booklets. The techniques inside prove that the power of perception visual stimuli and the power of expression verbal stimuli are not to be underestimated.

From sexy salsa lessons to...

Now that you have covered the basics and opened your mind to new possibilities, what you need is care, imagination, patience, understanding, and a bit of carefree laughter. Make it a daily effort to love better and be loved in return; and when it comes a time to rejoice, do not hesitate to do it big.

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6 Sexy Ways To Celebrate...

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