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This sub-section includes headlines from the press, which have a direct or indirect relevance to the human rights situation of Ahmadis in Pakistan. Statements of government and other leaders that should Qari shahid mahmood wife sexual dysfunction placed on record, news concerning foreign countries and NGOs, activities of militant mullas, political developments etc are included under appropriate sub-headings.

For dearth of space, a substantial number of such news have to be dropped, but these are available in the monthly News Reports. News Records — 1. Mosque released from Qadianis after 60 years. Congratulations to Goleki Muslims for court verdict in their favour over mosque: Quits Qadianism, recites the Kalima [ Note: Sunni Tehrik announces conferences on the issue of safeguarding end of prophethood.

Religious parties strong protest against missing out the affirmation of Khatme Nabuwwat in affidavits for local government members.

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