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For nurses only


They are exposed to lots of patient-family dramas, gross body fluids, and life-and-death moments. Still, they never fail to find funny things at work. Yes, we all have a basic knowledge about what code blue is, but code brown?

If you notice For nurses only the shift is progressing peacefully, just keep the compliment to yourself for a harmonious relationship with your co-nurses. Imagine the "For nurses only" joys of nurses when patients try to use medical terms and fail. LOL is a code nurses use for little old ladies.

These LOLs are frequent source of nursing humor in hospitals and hospice care facilities.

These sweet and nice old ladies will make you laugh with their hilarious comments about different things. You can also hear the darkest comments about your body from them! These bloopers are good ice breakers when reviewing the chart.

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Some parents are very creative in naming their babies and nurses have the first privilege to enjoy these moments. There are patients For nurses only are really good at faking unresponsiveness. Nurses know the drill for this case — initiate the miraculous awakening. If you want to determine if a patient is faking a coma, just lift his arm and let it drop on his face. In some cases, just mentioning insertion of a foley or a straight catheter is enough to awaken the patient.

Do you know that propofol is also known as milk of amnesia? Bulb aspirators are often referred to as the blue sticky thing while the humidifier is just simply called as the bubbler. These are just some of the coded names nurses give to common hospital items. The last 30 minutes before the report is the golden time of the shift.

"For nurses only"

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This is the time when you are praying that nothing will happen until you finish your report for the incoming nurse. Nurses usually swear that whoever invented the call light will have a special place in hell. Every hospital has its own list of frequent flyers. What is a frequent flyer? This is a term nurses use for loyal patients who keep coming back for admission. The funniest thing about "For nurses only" myth of frequent flyers is when you remember them or For nurses only their names, they will surely show up in the next hours for admission.

In the fast-paced lives of nurses, they usually talk in acronyms or abbreviations. Have you ever seen a nurse eating a cake using a tongue depressor? Having adequate time to eat is a rare opportunity for most nurses.

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