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Dating tips for the unemployed


Yesterday when Sam kissed me, I remembered where I left my keys. Just like my dad. Running on the beach with my father when I was six.

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I also forget words. He immediately understood, as we share the same affliction. Grasping at metaphors when our memories fail, sometimes our conversations become inadvertently poetic: Ironically, my mother is named Calliope, after the muse that inspired Homer.

The writer, a conduit, did not invent but record whatever the muse told him. To imagine, in Dating tips for the unemployed Greece, was really to recall. While dead souls drank from Lethe to forget their lives, one might alternately drink from Mnemosyne and remember everything.

Only a kiss can restore the frog to his true form of prince.

Forget the eyes, forget the soul; the lips are the door to memory, which can be unlocked or sealed, as they say, with a kiss. This device, used by memory champions, is a bulwark against a basic tenet of physics, which states that entropy is ever increasing.

Our minds, like our homes, become messy over time; the Memory Palace untended becomes a house filled with lost things. My father, plagued by insomnia, is a connoisseur of self-improvement.

Having already purchased Teach Yourself Greek! The exercises must be employed preemptively, so that "Dating tips for the unemployed" must begin by remembering not to forget. They do nothing to solve the real problem, which is forgetting to remember in the first place.

The basic strategy is to strengthen memories through association. If you meet someone at a cocktail party, for example, and you want to remember his name, try to pick out one specific thing about him.

Dating tips for the unemployed he is wearing a red tie, say to yourself, red tie—Donald, red tie—Donald, red tie—Donald. In college, I had a big crush on a Donald whose memory was great. He insisted my memory could be great, too; it was only a matter of strategy.

Eager to prove his point, he climbed on top of his chair and instructed me to memorize what he was about to say. The unusual circumstances under which I was receiving the information, he explained after, would make a lasting impression, making it impossible to forget.

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I wonder if he remembers that? I was on a bicycle pedaling after Philip, who was up ahead, leaning into a left turn.

Philip, who was once so unforgettable. Mothballs remind us of grandmothers, popular songs cue up old heartbreaks, places are haunted by people we once knew, the utterance of a name can open on to a feeling, while a feeling can open backward onto a name.

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Just as Philip associated anger with his ex-wife, I associated love with my then-ex-boyfriend Martin. We were in bed the first time it happened. Martin was the furthest thing from my mind! But I really liked Martin! Which means I really like youtoo. After much discussion, his anger subsided, and we picked up where we left off. And then, Dating tips for the unemployed can I say?

He pulled away and looked at me, his eyes molten.

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Aphasia is a brain disorder primarily affecting speech. It afflicts almost all single adults of a certain age.

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