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This blog entry has become very long so we have created another entry where we can address some of the claims David has recently made against us on his webpage. Please continue reading below if this is your first time visiting this page and then follow up with the link above. Ron had been identifying himself as being a missionary with Hope House on his Facebook profile since March 1, David also says that he and Ron are not legally connected in any way.

Here it is again:.

This is a lie. That amount could equip six or seven children with uniforms, backpacks and school supplies for the upcoming school year.

To all Cebu City pet...

Ron Husband is who almost of the money David receives goes through. Ron manages all of the crowdfunding sites for Hope House Cebu: Gofundme, Givesendgo, and Facebook. Either Ron and David are conspiring to have someone murdered, or Ron is lying about this. Do you really feel comfortable sending money to these people?

Do they have a Christlike attitude? We previously shared several earlier threats from Ron Husband in this blog and they can be seen further down this page. David tries to make it appear that we started this blog out of the blue without any contact with him before hand. Below is what can be found on his website. This blog first went public on March 8, a week after we contacted David Cebu dating cebu girls americans for responsible solutions facebook our Yahoo email account.

The first four entries were backdated one month each going back to November The reason this was done was so that all the entries would not be posted having the same publish date. The day after launching our blog we sent David another email in hopes that after seeing what was written he would do the right thing and come clean with his supporters. We were hoping to resolve these issues before the start of the next school year. David will not share the emails we have sent to him with his supporters, because it will expose just how dishonest he is being with them.

David likes to cherry pick lines from our blog in an attempt to discredit us and make it appear as though we are evil and out to harm him and his family. Below is a portion of an email we sent him on March 5th of this year. David wants people to believe that we are in some way trying to break up his family.

That is the furthest thing from the truth. We have mentioned in our blog as far back as last year and in private communications that we do not want that to happen. We just want David to be honest with his supporters and accept responsibility for his wrong doing. David is constantly misleading his supporters. Here is another example. David knew that we had given the DA the number because Ron made an appointment with him that was to take place on Friday March 2nd, and we were to have a conference call at 10am.

David also claims in that post that we have changed our number. That too is not true. We are using the same number we always have. David has made another attempt to make it appear that we did not take appropriate steps in exposing his fraudulent activities. Below he shares the second email we sent him and gives his side of the story. We did approach David in an email dated March 1, where there were no ultimatums.

It was out of concern for his behaviour and contained open ended questions in an effort to start a dialog with him. We were hoping at the time to make David aware that what he was doing was wrong and that he would stop on his own. We then gave him an ultimatum telling him that we would report him to the authorities if he refused to stop his lawless behaviour. As you will see in the email list below, out of kindness, we gave him a few days beyond our initial deadline to do the right thing, and on March 13,we gave him one last chance.

On March 14th we contacted the authorities as we said we would and we have been in continuous contact with them via email and telephone providing additional details and information ever since. David also asks who our witnesses are and makes it appear that we made the claims found in this blog without sufficient evidence.

We have additional evidence besides what is contained in this blog. He says that most Filipinos are liars which we have found not to be true at all. Personally I have found Filipinos Cebu dating cebu girls americans for responsible solutions facebook a whole to be some of, if not, the most honest people I have encountered in all of my travels. It also seems the less money people have here, the more honest they are. We regret to inform our readers that there may have been children abused by visitors who came to Hope House Cebu in We will not mention any names here, but either Ron Husband is lying, or something terrible has been hidden for over five years.

We are looking in to this and will update the blog when we find out what is going on for sure. The children involved would have been between 11 and 14 years old at the time this occurred.

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