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Signs you are ready for divorce


So how can you tell the difference between healthy doubts and lethal ones? These four signs, especially when combined, could mean you are consciously or unconsciously preparing for divorce. People love to blame money troubles and a lack of sex or a plethora of it with other people! The biggest culprit is poor communication. This can lead to a lack of sexual desire, which then can lead to feelings of discontent and anger.

But would you recognize the...

When money and other issues surface on top of the bad communication, the situation cannot often withstand the pressure. That is when you might find yourself at my office door. Once upon a time, you nagged your spouse about seemingly every irritation and upset.

Nothing ever seems to change for the better. While many think it is passionate fighting that leads Signs you are ready for divorce the matrimonial graveyard though surely that could be a big factor, in the end it is when you both stop complaining that I worry. Be careful what you wish for. Shutting down the lines of communication and distancing oneself is just one way that people make themselves care less about their relationships — making it easier to pull the plug when they deem the time right.

If you already have one foot out the door of communication, the other is wont to follow.

The decision to get divorced...

Does your ideal fantasy vacations no longer include your partner at your side? Disinterest creates distance — emotional and physical. Any long-term relationship is always going to ebb and flow, but we are not talking about healthy independence, per se.