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Hydrogen kit for cars in bangalore dating

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Experts on the forum, please give your thoughts on this. User Name Remember Me? Just got an email from one of my friend.

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I did not understand anything from their website. The rectangular box looks like a sweet box and the other container from a RO Water Purifier filter canister. What i am thinking is that the concept is to pass current through the water to induce electrolysis and use the escaping gas to be injected back in some manner to the engine combustion chamber.

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It should in theory introduce more oxygen and Hydrogen which is combustive. But how it would work practically is a total unknown Edit: On re reading the weblink it is explainedbut i dont think i am going any where near this contraption even on an autorickshaw Edit 2: Reading material available at http: Which says that this theory works Edit 3: Reading material that has a conspiracy theory on the likes of kennedy assasination and water car http: Above story proved to be an urban myth http: Last edited by sreedotk: The following BHPian Thanks shekaran for this useful post: Today I have seen a car with "This car runs on Hydrogen, Call: XXXXX" I called up the person and he explained me all about running a car with any of the fuel with some addition of Hydrogen to it.

Available in two variants, one is about 13k another one will be around 18k.

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Weight of the kit is about seven kg and installation will be in boot space. No RTO registration is required as we are not altering the fuel. After this sort of information I am not at all interested to fit this kit, but want to know the actual fact.

So gurus pls give some information about this kind of kit. Water injection was the rage in the US in the early 's. Claims were similar to the advt. It went away after some time, I guess there was a major reduction in engine life.

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