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What to put in a picnic basket for a date


Summer's right around the corner, and spending time with your bestie or bae is always necessary.

Take your gal on the...

One way to get some quality time in is to go on a picnic, soak up some nature and eat great food! Here's a quick guide to planning a picnic right: Just don't forget that water is always a necessityespecially if you'll be in the sun.

Food The best picnic food is something that doesn't need to be heated. Prep your appetizers the day before your date and store them in the fridge so they keep cool.

We've gathered the very best...

If it's a really warm day, your food will be at room temperature by the time you're ready to eat. Here are some recipes to get you started. Fancier, waterproof picnic blankets can also come in handy.

How to plan the perfect...

Find one on Etsy. Bug spray or insect repellent Nobody needs the picnic fun to be ruined by lingering bees or mosquitoes. A great brand for any outdoor situation is Repel.

Bring things you can snack...

Find it on Amazon. Sunscreen Yes, this is a necessity.

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