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2nd trimester ultrasound dating for paternity


If you had had an US earlier in pregnancy it probably would've been more accurate but I'd say even at 16 weeks it was fairly close.

I got an ultrasound done...

I wouldn't think it'd be off by 4 weeks and if you've had any additional US's and they are saying around the same thing then it's probably pretty accurate. Dating ultrasounds are pretty accurate but babies still come whenever they want.

My doc is going with the later date. I'm not convinced the later date is the more accurate one, but most babies don't come on their due date anyway. I know my date of conception is may 16th and my due date is feb 6th but my lo is measuring almost 2 wks ahead at 2nd trimester ultrasound dating for paternity time. They are not changing my due date because I know with absolute certainty when we conceived.

Will probably induce early if he doesnt come on his own just due to size. If your due date is the 18th then you would of conceived around the 28th of May. My due date is the 19th and I got artificially inseminated on the 29th.

But as far as the ultrasounds they are usually fairly accurate But hardly any babies actually arrive on that day. I have heard after the 1st trimester that babies start to grow at their own pace.

Taking a genetic test during...

Today I had an ultrasound and the doctor not my normal ob seemed concerned that my lo is measuring 4 days smaller 2nd trimester ultrasound dating for paternity due date. I am trying not to let that get to me. I was a small baby, my husband was a small baby and my daughter was a small baby.

All of us under 6 lbs at 40 weeks. The last sono I had my LO was measuring 10 days smaller. The last ultrasound I had was at 19 weeks, and the baby was measuring like 8 days smaller or something, but my OB didn't change the date. Olivia always measured smaller and I knew pretty well down to the day I'd conceived.

I think I just tend to have small babies Olivia was born at 6 pounds.

Thanks again - I guess I'll stick with my EDD of Feb 18th - I only asked because even though I've "only" gained 15 pounds so far, my belly is sooo much bigger this time than when I was 26 weeks with Olivia.

I already feel like it could be any day and omg still 3 months left: I think they are off by 3 weeks. As much as I'd love that to be the day she arrives, I feel way further along than they say I am. My doctor said the ultrasound could be off by as much as 4 weeks! You may want to recalculate your conception vs EDD. We concieved the 5th of June and I'm due the 26th of Feb. The baby is actually only 38 weeks at birth but they measure clinically by the last period which puts you at 40 weeks. I know for a fact he was concieved either the 4th or 5th because my hubby was out of town at work during the week before and after!

2nd trimester ultrasound dating for paternity

I'm betting it was the 5th They decided to change my due date based on the 2nd trimester ultrasound dating for paternity that came out in the 19 week ultrasound. They did this because I have no idea when my last period was and because they also want to give me more time to try to go into labor on my own without being induced. I was induced at 40 weeks with boy my other two children because of the drs protocol. This office puts you at overdue at anything passed So in an effort to try to give me more time, they decided it would be a good idea to go with the later date.

My original 2nd trimester ultrasound dating for paternity was also the 18th, but they moved it to the 24th. Originally I was a little upset about them moving the date, but then I realized it was actually a good thing. Let's just hope this little girl will come on her own so I don't have to be induced again.

That's my hope anyway. Archived Discussion This discussion is archived and locked for posting See active discussions on February Babies. Hi Ladies, It just occurred to me that I could be 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 weeks farther along in my pregnancy than what they told me.

I have no idea when my last period was because I never had one before getting pregnant again. DH and I started having sex again 5 weeks after I gave birth, so really we could have conceived anywhere between May 5th - May 30th they must think we conceived sometime around the 15th because my EDD is Feb 18th.

I just sense that my actual due date is sooner My first one was done around 16 weeks. Oldest Newest 14 Posts.

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