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Sexy updos for long hair


Needless to mention that hairstyle is something on which your style and personality depends. In fact, it is not only for formal occasions; but also for any casual and regular days as well. Ponytail or braided ponytail is also efficient hairstyles, however, updos have the potential to beat them in the race.

Sorry girls with short hairs, as updos suites best for long hairs only. So, think twice before chopping your locks. Wait for a while and spare some minutes for this article. A change for sure. Good news for girls with long hairs. Let it "Sexy updos for long hair" at the office or a post-work date, sometimes you want your hair off the neck and look stylish as well.

Worry not, here are some hacks related to having a perfect updo. The deadly combination of hairdo with french braid could be simply Sexy updos for long hair. Starting with a French braid from the crown and tugging all the hair like a updo. Some bangs grazing the face could be amazing. So, girls start with this and earn praise. You can say this hairstyle is an effortless and super sexy hairstyle which you can have in no time. Well, ladies with less time can wow others with this hairstyle.

This is somehow similar to standard updos with some curls. Use of hairspray and a curling iron is must to give an elegant look for the hairdo. A true savior for summer.

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Yes, I honestly prefer this hairstyle in summers as it keeps hair off your face and neck. Go for this trendy hairstyle this season.

Braided Updo

Though updos are not easy to do, but flawless to look. Mohawk braid Updo adds a lot of volume to your hair. A mohawk braid that is twisted at the back and tugged into an updo with bobby pins. This hairstyle looks absolutely fantastic in any attire and any occasion. If you are looking for a hairstyle in a special occasion.

The hairstyle gives you a complete look to your personality. When paired with dazzling long earrings, you will look stupendous. Yes, a defined beauty. This promo updo will give Sexy updos for long hair a drop dead gorgeous look at the party. This chic hairstyle will steal the show. Girls with long and straight hair should try this for sure. This gives a finished and clean look to your hairdo. Simply collect all the hairs and tug it with pins above giving the hairstyle a beautiful look.

The sleeker look of the hair looks very professional and stunning. Best for formal meetings. This sophisticated hairstyle is best for any occasion. Two parallel braid at the crown diagonally meets with Sexy updos for long hair updo which is tugged tightly with bobby pins.

Well, this fantastic hairstyle can gain a lot of appreciation for sure. This ravishing hairstyle is best for a date night. This hairstyle with an off-shoulder gown and high heels can make your bae crazy for you. Go with any of your favorite buns, however on a lower note. This is as simple as it sounds.

Twist, Tug and you are done. Start twisting your hairs from the front and tug it with the remaining hair into a bun. The best part of this hairstyle is that you can do it anywhere and anytime without using a comb or hairbrush. Collect all the hairs together and tug it with pins at the top.

Make sure that all the pins are perfectly pinned to make the bun tight and keep it in shape. Take your hairstyle to the next level. Yeah, this gonna be the treat for your eyes. The side fishtail braid with an updo is fabulous. Start with some hairs from the front doing a fishtail braid and finally incorporate it into a bun. You can go with a diagonal or a straight braid.

You can say this a classic hairstyle which is never out of trend. The finished and clean look of Sexy updos for long hair hairstyle gives it a thumbs up. Simply you need to separate the hair in a symmetrical form and start with making braids.

Then cover the crown as well as the back with the braids and you are done. French, Fishtail or Dutch braid, the choice is yours.

Luckily, you need not have to visit the salon for this hairstyle. These coolly twisted hair buns are moreover easy to get by just turning the hairs from front to back. Now, tug it at a lower note with pins and give a relaxed look to the buns by pulling some hairs.

The highlights of hair look amazing in this style. Dianna Agronthe evergreen diva, and the red carpet star has already obsessed her fan with her "Sexy updos for long hair" and hairstyle as well. Go for a top knot and widen up the radius of the bun by pulling it to sides by giving some sexy bangs in the front.

Old is Gold, a well-said quote. We youngster nowadays considering the old fashion as the new vogue. Well, this hairstyle is the example. This elegant hairstyle gives a voluminous look to the hair. You look super stylish in this hairstyle. Only tease the hair at the crown and tug the sections tightly with pins, And finally give a finishing touch by combing the outer layer of hair finely.

Effortlessly Pinned Messy Bun

A classic hairstyle which is best for formal wear or a party. You can get this style in munites and mesmerize everyone with your look. Divide the hair into two sections, in the front and some in the back. Now tie a loose pony and tug it with pins upward and collecting all the hairs from the front Sexy updos for long hair twist it with the tugged ponytail. Use the hairspray to set the twist properly.

Rock on with sock bun! It is perfectly rhymed. All we need is a sock, shaped into a doughnut. Do a ponytail and pull it out of the center of the doughnut and wrap the sock completely with the pulled out hairs.

Now tug all the Sexy updos for long hair with pins tightly to secure it properly. And here is the perfect bun ready for you. Recreate this beautiful hairstyle imitating Talor Swift. Yeah, this sleeker hairstyle could lend you an opportunity to look super stylish. Go for a regular bun with some side-swept hairs from one side.

You are now ready to rock with your flare. This hairstyle is damn easy to mimic at the comfort of your home. Start with a french braid at the backside of the head, starting at the nape of the neck towards the crown. Continue with the same till the desired height to make a bun. Well, now you can guess the final step. Yeah, go for a sexy bun up there Sexy updos for long hair the left out hairs.

Updos never go out of fashion. Chignon hairdos are something that is best for a special occasion.

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When you are running out of time to get ready for the party, this hairstyle is for your rescue. Go with a low rope braided ponytail. Slowly twist the braid around your finger till you get a flawless bun.