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Millionaire matchmaker youtube


Instead of compiling a mixer full of 10s i. Millionaire matchmaker youtube nixing a pretty boy named Cody who says he masturbates to the captain of the high school football team, and a guy named Scott with unfortunately spiky hair, Patti settles on Gregory, who owns a salon.

Whereas Perez had no say in his blind date, Sonja gets to choose from four men hand-selected by Patti. Why did Patti do it that way?

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Matchmaking is so mysterious! On most episodes, Patti lets her two millionaires talk to each other. They usually make delightfully awkward small-talk about how bad each of them is at dating.

They seem excited and friendly with each other. Why is he wearing huge shorts pulled up and belted around, like, his nipples? Has Perez Hilton been dressing this way ever since he became a dad? According to Patti, you can Millionaire matchmaker youtube a potential mate by how he performs in a cooking class.

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Like, what a crazy coincidence!! As Sonja does all the real work, Thomas does gross things like dangle a piece of pork from his mouth and make Sonja take a bite of it. But Patti is a nd-generation matchmaker, so she had a back-up plan all along. Millionaire matchmaker youtube pulls out Thomas and replaces him with Kent, the guy Sonja had liked second-best.

At the end of the class, Sonja has to choose between Thomas and Kent to accompany her on the rest of the date. She picks Kent, obv. They clink their champagne glasses and the camera pans away.

Well, that de-escalated quickly. But advertising revenue helps support our journalism.

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