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Will you marry me in russian


I want my child to learn Russian. I am a traveller who is going to visit Russia soon. I am a student who studies Russian at the unversity. Learning languages is my hobby. None of the above.

I just want to learn Russian. I often ask questions "Why is it so?

I can imitate the foreign singer's pronunciation even not knowing what the words of the song mean. When learning a foreign language at school, I wasn't very good at grammar but I liked speaking. I make a lot of notes when listening to a study course. I almost never make notes when listening to a study course.

Doing monotonous work is not a problem for me. I love drawing and making charts. When listening to new information, I perceive it better if I don't see the speaker. I am an absolute beginner. I have been learning Russian with a private tutor. I have been learning Russian on my own for some time. I have been learning Russian in school. I have been learning Russian with my friend or language exchange partner.


I have been using a course book course books. I am fluent in Russian but Send it to me return to previous step. Studying Russian has come to be fashionable these days in the world. Perhaps, you have by now set about picking up Russian when you heard Russian words pronounced in a song, in a movie, or written in a book in a footnote. Perhaps you were interested in learning a few cool trendy Russian sayings. You checked YouTube and Google seeking for a Russian pronunciation guidebook to pick up elementary Russian pronunciation and spelling.

Take an exciting journey to...

Or maybe you felt the need for learning how to write and speak Russian and you doubted how to write Cyrillic in English letters. On this webresource you can come across common expressions in English translated to Russian.

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