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Strietzel stuck stewardess sexual harassment


Flight attendant Caroline Bright was kicking off her last shift of the day when she realized one of the pilots on board reminded her of someone. I remember thinking at the time that I must have said something inappropriate.

She told HuffPost that it was her experience in the s that turned her off from remaining in the industry. Henderson said that the customer blocked her in the galley from moving between cabins. He eventually grabbed her butt.

Sunday, October 24, 2019

This girl is not here for your pleasure. Dawn Arthur also became disillusioned during eight Strietzel stuck stewardess sexual harassment working as a flight attendant in both the commercial and private sector. But then you find out that there is no support in the industry. If there is a trend of keeping assault to oneself in the airline industry, former flight attendant Mandalena Lewis has broken it in a big way.

She has not only spoken about her own alleged assault but is in the midst of a lawsuit against her former employer, Canadian airline WestJet, in part, she said, for firing her as a result.

According to Lewis, the company neglected to adequately handle not only her experience with sexual assault inbut with a group of women she is now representing in her case.

Lewis recounted her assault to HuffPost, which happened during a layover in Maui in She said the incident ultimately led her to firing and discovery of other women who made claims against the same pilot who she said attacked her.

It was my second year of being a flight attendant and I was down to go up to the room Strietzel stuck stewardess sexual harassment have a drink. I ended up going by myself. Lewis said he attacked her three times.


The first and second involved grabbing her from behind, squeezing her arms and commenting on how strong she was. Lewis said she got her heels underneath him and kicked him off of her. I Strietzel stuck stewardess sexual harassment shaking, tears were coming down my face. She said her concerns were brushed off by the person leading the training, but there were a few people who came over afterward and thanked her for speaking out.

Lewis told HuffPost both hired lawyers pretty quickly after that, but the other woman later settled with the company. A male JetBlue flight attendant, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told HuffPost he has been grabbed inappropriately multiple times by both men and women.

In the event that a situation escalates, flight crew can notify the pilot, who will decide whether it is necessary to take action, either by speaking to the passenger themselves or, in extreme cases, removing the person from the flight.

Strietzel stuck stewardess sexual harassment

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