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Sexual relationship with a narcissist


Have you ever found yourself feeling violated and used after you just had sex with your partner?

Sex Is Just Mechanics for...

You felt emptied out: All of that made you not want to have sex with your partner ever again because sex with him made you feel broken, or like there was something wrong with you. If it resonates, then you were probably in a relationship with a narcissist. Narcissists have hard times hiding their tendencies in a bedroom.

It becomes incredibly easy to spot a narcissist based on their sexual attitudes.

Here's a list of some...

Knowing these powerful signs can save you from heartbreak or another nasty divorce. Sex is nothing more but another tool in their manipulation and self-serving toolbox. They use sex as a way to get attention, validation, and admiration.

Significantly, sexual narcissism is marked...

Jessica was in a relationship with a narcissist for 5 years. He manipulated her into doing things in the bedroom that she deemed inappropriate. Her narcissist ex-husband manipulated her by constantly breaking up with her and disappearing for several months.

He would not even call to check in on their daughter while he was gone for 3 months at a time. Then, he would come back.

And, of course, she would fall for it. He bought her expensive gifts, took her to boutique resorts, cooked her romantic dinners, and made love to her… passionately as if it was their first time. This paradise phase lasted for 2 to 3 months.

Then, he would start to withdraw. He would withdraw his affection, love and sex. He constantly told her about every ex, and how they were better Sexual relationship with a narcissist she was. One day when Jessica was pregnant with their second baby, she noticed some bleeding. She called her "Sexual relationship with a narcissist" in tears and panic. But he coldly said that he was not in the mood for the drama and hang up.

The pain was exacerbated by the fact that she lost her baby. On the same day, Jessica found out that her husband was seeing other women. When she faced him with her discovery, he blamed it on her. How dare she is to tell him who he can have sex with! He packed his things and left. He left Jessica and their daughter as if there was no miscarriage that day.

Seduction is one of the favorite games of a narcissist. He uses this skill to draw his power. In fact, the more challenging it is for a narcissist to seduce you, the stronger the emotional reward he will feel once he gets you into his bed.

It explains why they become so advanced at charm and charisma. Narcissists tend to be control freaks.

Seducing someone into having sex is also a form of control. The more difficult the woman to get, the more power and control he feels. You can easily spot a narcissist in sex when you disclose to him that you are actually not experiencing that much sexual pleasure as he had thought.

He will never entertain a possibility that he might not be the supreme lover he actually believes he is. Your husband might even bring up his past girlfriends and say that none of them had a problem with orgasms so it must be you who is broken. He will do it to make you feel insecure and chastised. One minute he says that sex is the most important thing in your relationship.

Adultery and infidelity are common practices of the narcissist. He might rationalize it by saying that all men are designed to be sexual with multiple women. He might even say that men were not designed Sexual relationship with a narcissist be monogamous.

The highly narcissistic were 50...

Infidelities and extramarital affairs are the ways he rebels against vulnerability and validates his superiority and specialness. The core reasons why your ex-husband was unfaithful to you can vary. Yet I can tell you one thing.

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