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Quinoa abdominal pain


I had the same experience this week with a 13 bean soup I made. Apparently I should have soaked the beans overnight. Will never make it again! My husband and I just got stomach cramps and diarrhea from a nice innocent-looking quinoa vegetable soup. Quinoa abdominal pain it for about 24 hours before washing it.

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Then you will have no problems with saponins whatsoever! I know - I got prewashed too and it still hurt. I've just stopped eating it which is sad cause I loved it and it's really healthy.

Gut wrenching pain for 12 hrs in waves. My wife finally got me some Alkaseltzer cause I was afraid. Alkaseltzer to the rescue! I have exactly the same problem, Quinoa abdominal pain matter how well I wash quinoa. Quinoa abdominal pain stopped eating it last year, but on a trip to Sedona last month, I unknowingly ate a quinoa wrap served to me at a restaurant.

The pain began about 30 Quinoa abdominal pain after eating. It didn't stop until hours afterward, even after I threw up. I think it's more of a genetic problem than a chemical one.

I've had my genome mapped at 23andme. I wonder if my reaction to quinoa is linked to that risk. My partner, who is not at risk for Celiac and is Native American, has never experienced this reaction to quinoa. I have that pain the the pit of my stomach from Quinoa just now and it's happened the past few times I've eaten it.

I have coeliac's disease and eat quinoa with no side "Quinoa abdominal pain" My husband has Celiac Disease and Quinoa gives him horrible gas, cramping and diarrhea!!!

It doesn't matter if it's washed or not. It could be the prewashed kind, it could be quinoa pasta, quinoa cracker's, etc. It all does the same thing, even small amounts. I don't think they're related because people use quinoa as an alternative to gluten.

My mother has never had any problem with gluten, but is severely allergic to quinoa. I have had similar experiences with quinoa. I would always rinse and soak the prewashed quinoa. I ate it a couple of year ago until one day I ate it and my face got really red immediately after I ate it and 1.

After avoiding Quinoa abdominal pain for 2 years, I ate it Quinoa abdominal pain weeks ago and had horrible stomach pains for hours until I threw up Quinoa abdominal pain another 2 hours. No known gluten allergies, but my allergies to indoor and outdoor allergens are pretty severe.

I have tried quinoa about 6 times and every time I have had terrible stomach ache and end up in a fetal position like the person above. I have always rinsed it but decided to try it once more today, but after washing, rubbing, rinsing and rinsing again just in case I hadn't been rinsing it enough.

The pain today was even worse, so I'll never eat it again. Is it the oxalates or a Celiac problem? I've no idea, but boy is it painful! Yup - I just completely avoid it and if it shows up on my plate as it did at a restaurant last week I say I'm very allergic and have them take it away.

The Pain is excruciating. I had to go to the emergency room it was so bad. Finally discovered it was quinoa. Zantac 75 works pretty well to take away the pain if needed.

I will still stay away from quinoa, though! You can't just rinse it cause the covering is hard to remove. I soak it for two days in the fridge and my stomach doesn't hurt most of the time. It's risky and I don't even Quinoa abdominal pain the "Quinoa abdominal pain" but my I'm forced to eat it as we're Peruvian and it's like a big thing there.

I have a strange experience with Quinoa. First time i tried Red Quinoa from Whole Foods market bulk section. Within a day, I had a severe eye infection which is the first Quinoa abdominal pain i ever experienced an eye infection.

Never had an eye infection before trying Red Quinoa. I had this eye infection for at least a month, my eye doctor prescribed several antibiotic eye drops.

Every one claimed it was a healthy food, so I tried organic white Quinoa from costco.

Quinoa (pronounced “keen-wah“) has transformed...

Rinsed it very well, A day or two later, again had an eye infection. Redness and swelling in one of the eyes. Again several months later, at a friend's place, they had a wonderful quinoa different brand. Within a day, both my eyes were infected. Each time, the infection lasted at least couple of weeks. Went away only after taking antibiotic eye drops for 4 Quinoa abdominal pain a day and several probiotic pills per day.

But i didn't have any stomach issues. I am not going to touch this quinoa ever again. Good to find out others have some intolerance to this grain. Yep, stomach cramps, fetal position, etc. Had stomach cramps, diarrhea Have had quinoa three times "Quinoa abdominal pain" same result but thought was not connected. Ugh- same reaction --no quinoa ever again!!! Omg I had it happen tonight!! I think Quinoa abdominal pain the second time I just never put 2 and 2 together!!

It hurts so bad! Anyone have a "natural remedy to ease the pain" or is time the only savior?? Only remedy I know is to let it pass.

I'm still sad I can't eat it. Peppermint tea works well. Unfortunately I'm a slow learner. I just need to stop eating it! I feel your pain. Just recovering from a quinoa attack: I think it is best for me in the future to avoid quinoa at all cost, but I am Quinoa abdominal pain I might get some Zantac to have on hand just in Quinoa abdominal pain I accidentally eat it. Thanks for sharing this. I've been having the same experience, and I just ate some for breakfast today because I didn't make the connection, and I now have a headache, stomach ache, and I'm hoping it doesn't go down the same road as the other night.

The other night I Quinoa abdominal pain it up to bananas because those cause me to have stomachaches from time to time. Shoot - Quinoa for breakfast I wonder if eating it with an empty stomach is better or worse digesting it. In any case, I really hope you don't get any sicker today!

I think it's worse. I just did it again after washing the living shit out of pre-packaged, pre-washed stuff and I still got reaction. I now consider it an allergy and say so when I'm out or going to someone's house. Quinoa abdominal pain each time you eat it, the worse the reaction becomes possibly leading to anaphylaxis. I am ceoliac and am currently recovering from eating quinoa for breakfast yesterday. Have had it many times however yesterday was the first time my body recognised it as a poison and went on the attack.

Once allergic, you should never eat it again. I avoid whole wheat pasta. That puts me in a fetal position. If it hurts you don't eat it. We could be allergic to healthy food. Now that a years passed I hope all of you feel better: Wow this is helpful information, glad to be reading this!

This must be my issue. I used to eat quinoa regularly, but the last 3 times I've had extreme cramping! It's one of the most painful experiences I've ever had!

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