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Plymouth women


Those brave women are only mentioned in conjunction with their husbands and their children. Their lives are seen only in brief glimpses.

The women themselves are almost invisible. Plymouth Colony Life The Pilgrims continued to follow the laws of England concerning females, marriage and the family. They brought with them traditional attitudes about the proper status and roles Plymouth women women. They Plymouth women no say in political decisions, could not vote or participate Plymouth women town meetings.

Women could not talk in church or interpret scripture, and they had to keep their heads covered with a coif, hat or bonnet while in public.

The wife was required to be submissive to her husband, and to obey his lawful commandments. She was to be mild, obedient and courteous, to dress and behave modestly. The wife was required to dwell with her husband wherever he chose to live.

If he needed to reside in a place not fitting for his wife, then she must "Plymouth women" where he placed her and come to him whenever he required. Marriage was considered the normal state for all adult Plymouth women of the colony. Most men married in their mid-twenties and women at about age twenty. Within the confines of marriage, women and men were never considered equal.

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