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Phlegmatic and melancholic


The Choleric-Sanguine combination is driven by two temperament needs. The primary need is to get results. The secondary need is to be accepted socially.

Either need may dominate their behavior depending on the requirements of the situation. The Choleric and Sanguine natural tendencies combine to produce a result-oriented person who needs to be around people socially some of the time. This combination naturally likes being the leader and is Phlegmatic and melancholic an executive. The Choleric-Sanguine has a natural drive to quickly get results.

Phlegmatic-melancholic: quiet and thoughtful, these...

They are goal and bottom-line oriented, and can be very persuasive in promoting their ideas and goals. They are easily annoyed when others do not comply with their instructions or direction but it passes quickly; quickly aroused, easily calmed. They are not angry, although others may at times think they are furious.

They are impatient "Phlegmatic and melancholic" will push others to obtain results and be productive. They have boundless energy so they need lots Phlegmatic and melancholic activity.

They require little sleep 4 to 6 hours is common.

THE HIGH "D" | (Choleric)...

They dislike details or doing tedious work, however, they see the importance of details, Phlegmatic and melancholic can easily delegate that to others. The Choleric-Sanguine is not a frequently found combination. They are practical and use direct, sometimes forceful methods to get quick results but still show some interest in people.

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They are goal and bottom line oriented and can be very forceful in promoting their ideas. They want "Phlegmatic and melancholic" be in charge because of confidence in their ability to make decisions. They have boundless energy and need activity Phlegmatic and melancholic results or they become bored.

They need daily challenge and others willing to listen to them and carry out their plans. This versatile, eager, self-starter is very competitive. To be highly motivated they need freedom, the opportunity for advancement and information that will help them get results. They like having power and authority. The Choleric fights for what they think is the right way to accomplish the goal, but they can accept momentary defeat and tend not to be grudge holders.

The Choleric-Phlegmatic combination is driven by two temperament needs.

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Their primary need is to get results. The secondary need is to accommodate others. When the Choleric and the Phlegmatic natural tendencies are combined it produces a result-oriented person who is very determined and unemotional when attempting to accomplish a goal. The Choleric-Phlegmatic is more individualistic and unyielding than the other Choleric combinations.

This combination is like a director because "Phlegmatic and melancholic" naturally like telling others what to do.

The Choleric-Phlegmatic is naturally a result-oriented, determined, unemotional, and focused individual. They have a strong, stubborn will, and they are independent and very individualistic.

They have a firm, stoic expression flat affect on their face, and will rarely smile. They are not open, friendly, animated or talkative. They slowly build a few close relationships Phlegmatic and melancholic will help only those they consider to be their friend. They are confident and may appear aloof. They want to be in charge because of confidence in their ability to make better decisions.

They can be very direct, Phlegmatic and melancholic, and blunt when answering questions. They tend to be impatient, especially when instructing others; they dislike weakness in others.

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