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Intimidating music instrumental


No usage without prior licensing. A Intimidating music instrumental, dark, orchestral track of amazement and tension. A strong rhythm of deep, ethnic percussion provides the base for this staccato, ominous and glorifying track with a dark fantasy feel. It builds gradually throughout, to a huge and overpowering tidal wave of orchestral brass, strings, war chants and a massive percussion section.

Proud and majestic, but Intimidating music instrumental a threatening, malevolent feel, like an army of dark beasts on the eve of war. Apocalyptic and dramatic orchestral track with a choir entering on the second half. Majestic, regal and proud.

Suitable for war, power struggle, film trailer, movie trailer, action footage, fire desctruction and mayhem. Also good for fantasy or sci-fi, perhaps an uprising or marching to war. A powerful and dramatic orchestral soundtrack piece. Full symphony orchestra and large choir, staccato and relentless.

Highly suitable for war, conflict, battle, fantasy or sci-fi. Expensive, meticulous, Hollywood quality production. This track is recorded with a live philharmonic orchestra and choir. Mystic, very atmospheric solo piano music.

Very special and Intimidating music instrumental background music for radio plays, horror, scary stories, fantasy and fairytale movies. Very calm and mysterious track. Perfectly suitable for themes like horror, fear, ghosts, vampires and many more. Scary, a little bit sarcastic, slow, laid-back and groovy soundtrack with zombi movies atmosphere. It starts with honky ponky, old piano and develops into a more energetic part with bass and drums.

Good for film, "Intimidating music instrumental" games, sites or flash projects. Glorious and gloryfying orchestral track with live choir. Royal, regal, majestic and reverent, this dramatic trailer track is suitable for hard sports footage, fantasy or science fiction, war and power struggle, uprising and more. Fantasy style orchestral soundtrack. Dark, gloomy and ominous. Big horn sections, mysterious melodies. Great for fantasy, epic adventures, dark times, horror, impending doom and conflict.

Occasional deep vocal grunts and chants. This piece plays Intimidating music instrumental over 6 minutes with plenty of variation, and can be used for several different cues, or used all together as background atmosphere.

A very loud, brash and intense action track, highly suitable for movie trailer, game trailer, war or battle scenes. High level of intensity throughout with live choir and live orchestral instruments used in combination with samples and huge, pounding percussion.

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Urgent, tense and very dark. Builds to a crescendo towards the end. A bombastic and majestic track cleverly created by combining samples with live orchestra and live choir recordings. Dramatic, Intimidating music instrumental strings and brass sections lead the way into a powerful and intense trailer track with a thunderous percussion section.

Growing to a crescendo and eventually into a climax.

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